Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As of late, I've posted about life, chaos, family, friends, future plans, etc. And I must say, it's just not the sort of thing I love to do. I feel no passion when I casually post without thought about the chaos that life has brought and continues to bring. Not only that, but it brings so much peace to mind when I am able to express my passion, desire and love for things that create a sense of happiness and joy in this crazy world I live in.

As of late, for some odd reason, I have been able to find a sense of safety and security. My grandma always says "Kelli, there is no reason to have stress because of the situation you're in." And it's true. There is never any reason to stress. Because in all honesty, what does it solve? I have always been a major stress case when a slight sign of trouble occurs. Ex: My debit card is declined at a gas station. I start hyperventilating with thoughts like "Oh no, what am I going to do? That must mean that I don't have enough money in my account.  Which also means that I'm going to get an $18 overdraft fee. I cannot have that! I swore I had enough money in there." So, I go to the cashier and what's the first thing they say? "Oh, our credit card machine is down. Sorry about that, we can just run your transaction up here." Ha. Point made. What is the point in getting yourself stressed out over something when the conclusion has not even been drawn? I literally start crying when my keys have been misplaced for 10 minutes. Brandon, on the other hand, can have his wallet gone for 2 days and be perfectly fine and calm about it as he occasionally looks around for it, and Lo and Behold, finds it.

Which brings me to the point that Americans (and I say this solely because I have no experience with other cultures) are selfish. Maybe it's just people in general. But we complain far too much. Not about other people, not about poverty or how the homeless rate in America is way worse than we ever fathomed, but about ourselves. I find that ridiculous. And in saying this, I am subjecting myself to an unbearable amount of hypocrisy, but it is so true. I, myself, have a ton to fix... obviously. I just wanted to make a bold statement regarding the human race and its lack of selflessness. 

It's true, the economy is failing. People are losing jobs, and people are having trouble finding jobs. I, myself, am a victim of this. We all knew it was going to happen, and we all should have been prepared. Yet again, subjection to hypocrisy. I will say this again, we have no. reason. to. complain. All will work out in the end. I am a firm believer of that. I have been in a bad financial spot more times in my life than I can count. And judging by the times I have stressed myself out, and not so much stressed myself out, that the times I haven't not only make me feel better, but for some odd reason things work out a lot better. I believe that's a little something called faith. So why not instead of stressing ourselves out, just have faith. I say this to me just as much as I say this to you. It's the way the world works, and it's the way it was intended to be. And that is all I have to say regarding this topic.

I don't have too many updates regarding my life, however. But when I do, I'll most likely just make a video blog. Ever since my Mac, I've had a fancy for iMovie. So perhaps you'll get lucky enough to see my bright and shining face on here. :) 
Happy love month, everyone.

Kelli Renee

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back!

Okay, okay.
I know, I was gone for way too long. And I'm sorry to have neglected you faithful blog readers! These last two months have been fairly crazy and chaotic. And slowly, but surely, my life is coming back together, I think.

Wow! Soo...what to start with? I don't even know. Let's see...Well...The holidays were pretty crazy. I had a job working at the Flirty Aprons kiosk for awhile there, and sadly lost that job for some pretty ridiculous reasons right after the holidays. Actually...I was let go on New Years Eve's day...which didn't exactly start my new year off too good. But uh... Christmas and New Years were pretty stressful this year. I was working more than full time, running the kiosk with just one other person, which not only gave me no time to spend shopping and preparing for Christmas, but also gave me no time to soak up the Christmas season in any way. As far as I'm concerned, the Christmas season only lasted one day for me...and if you know me, that is DEF. not enough Christmas spirit for one person. So all in all, it was a pretty big let down.

New Years was actually pretty fun. I mean, it had the potential of being amazing, but it wasn't exactly that. Jeremy, Sarah, another couple, Brandon and I drove down to Vegas together. Now, that probably sounds like LOADS of fun...but I almost feel like it was anything but that. the 2 other girls that came were both under 21, which meant that they could hardly stand in the casino's for 10 minutes without getting kicked out. That was obviously no fun for Brandon or myself, because we were perfectly fine with spending new years in the fancy casinos and hotels. Not only that, buttt, right when we got the hotel after our long road trip, I received a bladder infection. Perfect! It was miserable. Brandon, being the amazing boyfriend he is, spent all day at Urgent Care and the pharmacy with me to make my situation a little more bearable. So, basically, the body crushing crowd that we got stuck in on The Strip wasn't the most exciting thing to face. However, I did get a pretty amazing New Years kiss, which is what I've been waiting for ever since I knew what kissing meant. :) I won't say it was a terrible trip. I mean, the trip, in all fairness, was actually pretty cool on the optimistic side. We saw the Blue Man Group, got to see The Strip on New Years, and I got my first New Years kiss. So I can't really complain too much :)

Anyway! On a more exciting note, I finally bought my way into the world of Apple! I finally purchased that black macbook I've been eyeing since it came out. :) And boyyy, do I love it. Not only that, but it's been perfect for my photo editing and media needs. It's the greatest :) And also, I made a vow to do A TON of more photo shoots. I need to get myself out there, need new models and scenes! SO, anyyyone interested in a fun photo shoot? tooootally text me. And if you don't have my numero, write me on facebook.

Now, for the future, IIIII need a job. :( Once again. A job that can hold me over for 3 months. Because after 3 months, Thee love o' my life and myself are headed to Alaska to work for tour guide companies! It's going to be so fun! And it probably sounds totally random and like me, but I think it's going to be a really good opportunity for me. It's about 9 an hour, but thats constant overtime due to the fact that I'll live there. And the cool part is that I'll be living in a dorm that covers food and living for 16 a day. So I'll be making about 1,200 miiiinimum with food and living taken out. Which I think is pretty good money. And it will mostly just be good for me to set myself up with a stable job and schedule surrounded by good people, since most people recruited are from Utah. It will also be nice to get out of Utah, and with the 20 hours of daylight, I expect to get some reeeally cool pictures. 

Well, I think that's pretty much all the exciting news I have for now. Other than the simple fact that though I've been going through some pretty tough trials lately, Brandon has been really really good to me. And it's made me realize that he will probably do just about anything for me. Which could have partly something to do with the fact that he is equally and possibly a bigger hopeless romantic than I, myself am...Which is definitely something I needed in the person I would end up with. :) Sorry to get all mushy and gushy on ya, but I felt like I should throw it out there since I don't really praise him enough. 

But yes, such is life and the crazy way that it works. I promise I'll be much more consistent with my blogging habits! I won't turn into a Lindsay LeBaron and create a blog only to neglect it for almost a year. :) haha. Well, I love all of you! 

Kelli Renee LeBaron


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