Tuesday, January 17, 2012


oh hey, remember me?
yeah, i almost forgot, too.
kind of disappeared for awhile there.

i think in my last post, 
i promised to post more often or something?
yeah, i'm not going to promise anything like that again.
it's like a new years resolution.
it almost makes it more likely that it won't happen.
so no more promises.

BUT, i'm here now.
to give you a little bit of an update.

marriage is crazy!
it's great.
it's fun.
it's awesome.
it's chaotic.
it's stressful.
and it's all around one of the best decisions i think i've made.
but it definitely is hard.
i've been married for just over two months now.
so i'm definitely no expert.
but from what i do know, those are some good adjectives, i think.

anyways, updates.
currently, we're living in a little building at altus fine art
known as "the bungalow."
little is probably, no definitely, an understatement.
it's basically a studio.
with one room being the kitchen/bedroom/office/living room
and the other being the bathroom.
but it definitely does the trick, and because his dad owns it, it's cheap.
however, in order for b to get his music going, we do need space.
and space in general is good, too.
so hopefully in the next couple weeks, we'll be moving out.

as of right now, brandon will continue to work full time for his dad at altus
(as shipping manager)
and is taking one class until i'm able to have a better income.

right now, i'm working at dialogue marketing,
a call center in provo
working part time at papa john's as a delivery driver.
up until tonight (when i requested a schedule change)
i was working basically 13 hours every day.
starting next week it will just be wed, friday & saturday.

i've also got a job interview at a call center on thursday
that pays a base of $11/hr.
not too shabby.
so hopefully i can get that.
i'm literally going insane working at dialogue.
i love love love the people.
hate the job.

anyway, so there's that.
i plan (notice the no-promise)
to post some pictures,
especially because i didn't post honeymoon pictures either.

those will come soon.

(change of layout and song coming soon as well)

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