Thursday, December 1, 2011

my new chapter; continued.

It finally happened.
i'm officially a leavitt.
i'll have to make this post a little short
but i just can't believe how quickly everything went!
i remember thinking in july about how slow it felt like it was going.
i wanted it to just come already.
and then august hit, and i was NOT ready for that.
from that point forward, everything went way too fast.

this blog is titled 'my new chapter'
because at the time that it was created,
i had this epiphany.
incidentally that 'epiphany' had to do with a boy.
a boy who i had a big crush on.
but for awhile there, things were a little rocky with him.
eventually, however, (and somewhat past-due) he proposed.

and now, i'm starting an entirely new chapter with that boy.
so, the title stays. because it is only fitting.
so onto my new chapter, it is.

we don't have our wedding pictures back yet
so i can't post about the wedding to the extent that i would like,
however, i did get some amazing images back from miss camille johnson.
and they do look quite lovely.
(thank you, camille!)

 bridal bouquet.

handsome hubs.

my grandma's 1941 cake toppers.

i do love him.

heather photographing it up.




love these babes.

mackie's got moves.



so, the wedding was a success.
despite the fact that it all went by way too fast.
i can't wait to see pictures so i can see what i missed out on.
that's all for now.
i promise to post about post-wedding events soon.
honeymoon included.
so long for now.


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