Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's true. In my desperate attempts to find a job, I am now employed in a High School job.

I work. In. a. movie. theatre.

If I feel like my life sucks now, just think of how I'm going to feel after Saturday.
In all honesty, I was really excited about this job at first. I really did want it.

However, cleaning aisles, vomit, feces, and selling popcorn whilst making desperate attempts to upsale the customer for SIX dollars and FIFTY-FIVE cents and Hour, definitely does not sound like the ideal job. Not only that, but I also have to purchase a 30 dollar uniform. Seriously? Ugh. And although I came into this thinking that it will only be a temporary thing, A: I don't know HOW long my germophobia is going to hold out on me with the nasty things I may very well run into, and B: The economy doesn't seem very willing to just give me a break and hire me onto a good babysitting for two adorable children. (I've not yet met them, that's just what the ad said...)

Oh OH. And another pessimistic factor, they're moving a brand new Cinemark Theater within 3 miles, and so they get 55% of the movies, while we only get 45%. Not only does that mean we don't get good movies, thus bad business, but the even worse thing is that IIII don't get to see those movies for FREE! What is this world coming to??

Anyways. I doubt this rant of negativity towards movie theaters is going anywhere good. I should be grateful I have a job. Sigh. Bleh. Ugh. And I suppose I will try. But I figured I would let you know so that you could feel sorry for me and stuff. Anyways! Life will get better, I assure you.

Besides, Tomorrow's HALLOWEEN!! ...and I need a costume. Hmm. But I hope everyone has a good one! Goodnight!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 1,923,482 of the Job Hunt.

Ahhh yes. Job hunting. Possibly one of THEE best past times one will ever experience. You get to go to places you never thought you would go to, in desperate attempts to receive a paycheck. even a tiny one will suffice. Yes, all of the previous statements are 100% sarcastic. well, maybe 89%. Anyways. I am so tired of driving and driving, stopping on craigslist and provident living, and driving some more to hunt down as many career opportunities as possible. It's not so much my idea of fun. And yet, until I get a job, I'm stuck spending almost my entire day doing this.

So. Seeing as job hunting consumes my entire thoughts, and being, i figure I might as well blog about my progress...Or the lack thereof. Heh.

So, I have some opportunities that could possibly be extremely beneficial. I've applied all over the Riverwoods, and so far the only one I've received a call back from is Tucano's. I went in for an interview, and they said that all I need to do is take a test and receive a score of 95 or higher, and then I can get started on training. Unfortunately, the test I've heard is pretty hard. But I guess I just have to work super hard at studying.

Anyway, you'd think with the Holidays coming up, people would be hiring a lot more. Uhh, lame? Speaking of which, I'm SUPER excited for the holidays! yeah! K. Sorry for the brief side step. See! My mind's not ENTIRELY consumed by job hunting :D

Other than Tucano's, I've been emailing a woman who posted a need for a nanny on M-TH from 8-5 for a 1 year old boy and a 5 year old boy. I think that would be super fun and cool! so we'll see how that one comes about.

Also, I just barely applied for a Studio Photographer position. So I reeeally hope I hear back from them. That would be SO awesome to gain experience from! But we shall see.

Other than that, I've applied to a bunch of randoms that SHOULD call me back. And if not, I will be a very unhappy young lady. But those places include: The Wynnsong (movie theater), Victoria's Secret and....well....I can't remember the others...but there are a bunch of others that I'm spacing.

Eh, well...if the unlisteds call me back, then they can be known as important, but for now, they don't really matter, so whatevs.


I really hope that soon I can get a job, so that I can stop basing my blogs around job hunts. Because I guarantee you would much rather be sitting on Wikipedia researching something like, how Bee's produce honey or something like that. Unless you already know how...then I would ask you to post it very briefly in a comment below for my own personal knowledge.

Okie doke. Thanks for grinning and baring it through this fun little blog post. That is, if you did anyway. kthanks.

Everyone have a fabulous day!


Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm back!


It's pretty needless to say that I've been gone for far too long from the blogging world. A TON has happened in the last while. My laptop's out in remission again, but Brandon is letting me use his old family laptop until I get mine back. So hopefully I'll be able to blog more often.

I guess I'll just give a brief little overview of my life in the last couple months. At the end of August I quit my job at Orange Soda, moved into an adorable house in downtown Provo, and ended my relationship with Brandon, the boy I had been dating. It was definitely a LOT of change at one time, but it was really good for me I think. It was a good turning point in my life, and it was a really good time for self discovery. Finding out who I am and what I need to accomplish in life. My house is amazing and absolutely perfect for me. It is, however, 3 houses away from Brandon's, but I never saw him, so it was good.

Anyway, in that month, I did a lot of thinking as far as school, work, and overall life. The idea of a mission came up a few times, as well. And I'm also considering the Art Institute of Sandy to continue my interest in Photography, which would be awesome. Anyway, I started a job at a restaurant that was opening, Spark Restaurant Lounge, and worked there for about a month. Then, I sadly lost the job due to a terrible manager who fired half of the staff. It was pretty ridiculous, but I'm pretty over it now. So now I am currently on the job hunt. I also began dating Brandon again. And I can't even begin to express how happy I am in this relationship. Words cannot even describe how much healthier it is, and how strong we are together as well as individually. :)

So.....If anyone happens to know of any job openings.. ;) eh? eh?

Oh! And of course, my beloved twin sister got married as well. Marci + William Watson on October the 9th. It was a good day :) and I couldn't be happier for them! So...Here I am in my life. Kind of in a state of limbo, but a happy limbo. :) I have a lot of options to choose from, and that's a good and bad feeling. mostly good.

But YES. I will be back shortly with new music/movies/and love to give.
I hope everyone is enjoying this month! It's probably the most fun month ever! I love pumpkins/haunted houses/candy/costumes/fall. It's basically the best..ever.

So if I don't get a chance to say it before then, Happy Halloween, everyone!!


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