Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's here!


it's here.
this is NOT a joke.
this IS real life.
it's happening.

for those of you who know me well,
you KNOW how obsessed with summer i am.
i'm usually so much nicer and more fun to be around when the sun comes out.

this summer's going to be a good one.
know why?
because i'm going to make it one.
though half of the summer will be spent working my life away,
the other half will be spent at seven peaks (season passes, holla!)
and in california (more importantly disneyland) and MAYBE hawaii.

so i'm pretty darn excited.

anyway, to kick off the summer RIGHT, i have some summer beats to introduce you to
as well as my current obsession.

seriously. it's my dream come true.
pictures & the things i love all rolled into one website.
if you don't have an account, you should request an invite.
or leave a comment and i'll invite you.
it will change your life.
really really.

now onto my current summer playlist.
starting with my annual summer albums:

alphabeat - this is alphabeat

the all-american rejects - self titled.

mika - life in cartoon

cobra starship - ¡viva la cobra!

noah & the whale - peaceful, the world lays me down

rilo kiley - under the blacklight

now onto THIS year's summer albums.

vampire weekend - contra

marina and the diamonds - the family jewels

jenny lewis - acid tongue

noah & the whale - last night on earth

OKAY, folks. i think that's all for now.
thanks for reading, and enjoy the sun!

Monday, June 6, 2011


so sorry, blog world.
it's been quite some time since i last posted.
life has gotten crazy, let me tell you.

some basic updates and excuses as to why i've been away:

i got moved to a new department (I think that's when i disappeared)
i worked in said department for a month.
then i got hired on at pinnacle again part time in the evenings.
then APT laid me off.
then they hired me again back in Triage for the permanent position.
previously i was working through a temp agency.
and now (hopefully) in two months, i'll be hired on at APT.
which equals health benefits, two weeks paid vacation, just plain goodness.
so now i am working at APT from 6am-2:30pm
and then at Pinnacle from 3pm-8pm (hopefully switching to 7pm)
then it's off to bed at 9:30pm.

aka: no room to do anything.
fortunately i have saturday off at APT and only work 10-3 at pinnacle.
and then i get a day off (usually monday) at pinnacle.
So Sunday is pretty much the best day ever.

so that basically sums up the chaos in my life.
i fortunately still get to see b.
and if he moves into the 'bugalow'
(the little house on his dad's company's property, also where b works)
he'll be a 5 minute drive from APT.

In addition to work chaos,
my brother and sister-in-law moved to Seattle this weekend.
I will miss them so incredibly much.
in a nutshell:

they're obviously top 10 cutest family material.
Seattle is really lucky to have them.
And I'm so excited for this new chapter in their lives.
But I will miss them dearly.
I love you, Jor, Marie, Matt, Lucy & Anna.

And that concludes all the prominent changes in my life.
i promise i'll be better at posting.

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