Friday, June 25, 2010


Oh my goodness! Life! That's really all I have to say. So much has been going on lately! And I am so behind on posting. Let me begin by just saying that I absolutely love summer. Because really, as chaotic and stressful as life has been lately, I can never truly be sad or depressed when it's blue skies and 80 degrees. That's just not human. So thank you, weather man! For giving me gorgeous weather at such a crazy time in my life!

So I suppose I'll start by posting about the events that
are the most impressive on my life, and work m
y way back. Starting with my car. (does it feel like that's always the first thing to come up?... maybe because it is..) Well, anyway. I got in a car accident about a week ago, on my return voyage from pre-ordering my iphone 4. (don't worry, iphone 4! you'll be worth it!) The nitty gritty details aren't super necessary, so I'll spare you those. However, it was my fault unfortunately and my poor lexus was totaled. I thought baby had seen her last days, but my father decided to fix her to where she's drivable and then sell her as soon as she's all clean, detailed and about as good as she can be. (which isn't saying much.) Anyways, now I'll be returning my rental car, to replace it with another rental car, until my baby is done. sad times.

In other news, my grandma is moving to Utah! WOOH
OO! I love my grandma oh so dearly. and she has done so much for me in my life, that I don't think I could ever come close to repaying her for her immense kindness and selflessness. it will be nice to be able to visit her whenever I want. I will, however, miss Santa Cruz. My favorite vacation spot above all. But I think all will be right in the world once my grandma moves here, so It's a sacrifice I can accept. I love you, grandma :)

This brings me to my next topic.... Jeremy and Sarah are ENGAGED! about darn time! I am so so excited for these two. I love my brother already, but I literally could not ask for a better sister-in-law, because I'm pretty sure she doesn't exist. Sarah and I have become really good friends in the last couple years, and it will be so wonderful having her as part of the family. I'm also glad Jer found someone to put up with his ridiculous sense of humor! Jeremy and Sarah will be married August 21st. (which kinda stinks, cause b will be in california during that time), but I couldn't be more excited. I love you, brother. I'm so excited for you guys!

Well, everything else in my life isn't all too exciting. Working hard at Pinnacle, and constantly bracing myself for the next wave up layoffs. It's pretty scary, but I have hope that if it does, in fact, happen to me, I'll be ready for it and find another job. I'll be okay. I have my photography, too. Which is always pretty reassuring.

As far as photography goes, I've actually been fairly busy. I did a wedding a couple weeks ago, and am almost done editing the pictures! Then a couple days ago I took Jaycee LeClaire's engagement pictures. Jaycee's one of my dearest friends from home (washington) and, funny story, I actually know her fiancee, too. Back in the Raintree days, when Afton was dating Chris Roper, a kid from Kamas, UT. Chris lived with a few of his really close friends from Kamas, and Bill was one of them. Who, incidentally, happens to be Jaycee's fiancee. It's a very cute love story that I don't have time to post on here, but maybe I will on my photography blog when I post the engagements pictures. :) The exciting thing is that I get to go home to Washington in August (14th, to be exact) to shoot her wedding. I'm very excited.

Also, Jon Bell, (who I'm sure you've heard of in previous posts) and as a brief overview, we've been close friends since about 5 or so years ago when my grandma set me up on a blind date when I visited Santa Cruz, and we hit it off. We've been good friends ever since. Anyway, JB is engaged now, too! So I'll be taking their engagements as well pretty soon here. :) Unfortunately his wedding takes place the same day as Jaycee's, but Im still excited to help out as much as I can.

Well, I think that's about it for photography. I'm super excited for the continuous developments that come with such a fun job. I truly love it and am so grateful for the opportunities I've been given.

As for summer vacations, (because I promised myself I would go on some this year), I'll be going to Colorado next week to shoot Jer's engagements and play with my 6 adorable nephews. And also, will be going to Washington in August for Jaycee's wedding. We'll see if I go on any more, because it seems pretty lame that B won't be able to come to either. :(

WELL! That's life. In a massive, massive nutshell. Sorry for the strenuously long post. Promise it won't be this long again. And thankyouthankyouthankyou for reading.


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