Saturday, July 16, 2011

the story.

yes, ladies & gentlemen
this boy right here: 

(photo cred: the amazing whitney tutt)

finally proposed.
it's been a long time coming with this one.
b & i met just over 4 years ago.
there have definitely been some bumps along the way.
a lot of giving and a lot of taking.
b's taught me to be a lot (i mean, a lot) more patient.
it's been a really good thing,
and i honestly can't imagine marrying him without this 4 year time span.

i've learned so much and it's taught me to become so much more selfless
(inherently, i'm a very selfish person, i think).
i never in my life thought there would be another person i would do anything for.
and now there's b.
and honestly, i would.
not a boy in the world i could love more.

anyways. moving on from all the ushy gushy stuff. :)
onto the proposal story.

first off. i need to express just how much i LOVE the 4th of july.
it is my favorite holiday.
(christmas doesn't really count because it's more than just a holiday. it's more of a season)
there is nothing i love more than spending time with the family,
having a nice BBQ, playing in the sun, and enjoying the fireworks.
this year is a special year for utah, because aerial fireworks were legalized.

so anyway, a few days prior to the 4th, b called my dad (with me in the house)
now, i thought b had called him to set up a time for brandon to ask my dad.
(my parents were in deer valley until the 6th)
so i figured, there was no way b could propose until at least the 6th.
therefore, i was safe with my chipped red nail polish on the 4th.
right? WRONG.

so we spent the entire day boating & barbecuing at deer lake with b's family.
it was so much fun.
unfortunately i had to go into work at 4pm, so i had to leave early.
we left the lake, and i went home and got all cute and patriotic.
then i went to work for a couple hours, but they let me leave early because it was slow.
so i called to ask b where i should meet him.
he told me he was going to thanksgiving point to set up the blankets with his mom.
i asked if i could come up and help them.
he said no.
(i have no idea why that didn't tip me off)
so instead i went to his parent's house and waited for b to come home.

we hung out at the house for a little bit while i waited for b to get ready.
he asked if he should use my favorite cologne. 
(the one he only uses maybe once ever 6 months)
and i said "sure."
and he said "well, i can't wear it tonight and the night i propose.."
and i said, "yes you can!"
so he put it on.
(yet another hint that went over my head)
then we left the house, went to wendy's to get some dinner
(he asked if i wanted to go to a restaurant, but i assumed we were in a hurry)
we drove to the thanksgiving point parking lot and ate it there.
and the food ended up being delicious, so all was well.

then we went in, and we spent forever trying to find the blanket.
he kept asking if i wanted to sit alone or with his family.
i told him that i didn't really care, but that i loved spending time with his family so i'd be happy sitting with them, too.
he called his mom asking where the blanket was, 
(i guess his mom DID move it to a better spot)
and then we finally found it
and he said "oh, i guess my mom set it up for just us."
when i looked a little bummed, he said 
"my mom told me earlier that she doesn't think we spend enough time alone together and that you're probably getting sick of the family"
which i didn't even blink at because that IS something his mom would say.

so then we got all comfortable, snuggled while laying down.
it was actually VERY comfortable.
and then the fireworks finally started.
b said "tell me when you think the grand finale is."
and i said "..uhmm, okay?"
and he said "well, i kind of want to stand up for it."
and i said "uhmm.. i'll sit up.. but i don't think i really want to stand up."
and he said "mm.. okay. that works. just tell me when you think it is."

then the fireworks took a break. which i thought meant the grand finale was coming.
so b says, "will you stand up? i need to fix the blankets."
and i, so completely mesmerized by the fireworks, scooted to the edge of the blanket, somewhat annoyed.
then he says, "no, i need you to stand up."
annoyed, i moved over further.
b says "no, stand UP!"
so i did. furthering my annoyance.
then i'm staring up at the fireworks for a full 15 seconds.
when i finally look down, he was down on one knee.
(i guess he had been waiting for me to look down for about 10 seconds. oops)
and there i stood, completely shocked.
he said, "kelli, will you marry me?"
i think i said "uhhh... uhmm" for about 10 seconds.
apparently he was really nervous at this point and i finally said 
"uhmm.. yes?"
so he awkwardly slipped the ring on and stands up,
and then we had a nice little kissing session.
fortunately (and unfortunately) no one saw the proposal.

then we sat down, at this point it hadn't fully sunk in yet.
he held me between his legs and said something along the lines of
"you're so perfect for me, and there's no one in world i could imagine spending the rest of my life with"
we were both so overwhelmed that neither of us fully remember.
and then he gave me a dozen red roses.

and then about 10 minutes later, the grand finale started.
which i actually preferred because it gave me some time to absorb it before i had to part ways with him.

it was pretty much the perfect proposal.
i really can't imagine any other way that could have made me happier.
so there it is.

ah yes, and here's a picture of the ring:
(it looks much prettier in person.)

and there you have it.
november 5th, save the date.

Friday, July 1, 2011


i can't believe i forgot to add my ALL-time favorite summer albums!
my apologies.
to you AND to weezer.
i've listened to these albums for the last 8 or 9 summers.
ever since my trip to california in high school to visit my grandma in Santa Cruz.
and i listened to these two albums for the first time on my awesome CD player.

so here you are:

weezer - the blue album

weezer - the green album.

so so soooo so good.


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