Monday, January 11, 2010


Lately I've been feeling extremely nostalgic. I'm generally a huge supporter of nostalgia, but usually it's only a fleeting feeling that doesn't last very long. I've been thinking so much about the past lately that it's making me sad. and it just makes me miss things so much more than is normal.

I miss Kali.
I miss making music videos, taking pictures, and sleeping (the little sleeping that we did do...) in her dorm

I miss having stupid myspace photo shoots in her dorm, too.

I miss "K5L2MDA" and our mixed energy drinks/hot tubbing

I miss doing stupid things. everywhere we went.

I miss Halloween.

I just miss Kali.

You know, it really sucks that the saying "you never know what you got til' it's gone" is actually very true. Through unfortunate events and a little bit of negligence, things just kind of ended. I guess that's how it is with a lot of things in life. As much as I know things will never be the same, it's good to know that we will always remain good friends. Because Kali Harris is a pretty amazing person, that I don't think I could live without.

I guess going further back, to the cause of all of this nostalgia, it leads me to a dream I had the other night. That I had moved back into my home in Washington. It was such a realistic dream and it made me incredibly homesick. My parents moved from Camas about 2 years ago, and lately I've been realizing how difficult it is for me to know that I no longer have a permanent place. I don't have the stability of knowing that no matter what, I have somewhere to stay. When my parents moved away, I never really got the closure I needed, and because of that, it's still hard letting Washington go. I've also lost almost all of my close bonds there. Camille's family moved to Utah, and now I've lost close contact with my two best friend, Afton and Stevie. Hence, nostalgia. I ran across a bunch of pictures I had in my photobucket. So I thought I'd post some of them.

I miss being apart of "Kaution Krew." haha.

Taylor and Camille. Weird.

I miss Afton. and I miss us being inseparable.

I miss the way I used to look. Look how long my hair was! Ugh.

Sometimes it's nice to look back at changes a person has made. It kind of puts life into perspective. For instance, I now know what to do to prevent loss from happening again. And I guess without these changes, I also may not have found love, which is something I wouldn't take back for the whole world. But now it's time to move on. For the times, they are a-changin'.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An even newer chapter.

Yes! I'm alive. It's true, it's true. It's been quite awhile since my last post, so I won't be too surprised if I have no more followers. I think I'll survive though. The only real reason I am starting this whole thang up again is solely because I made a New Years resolution to do so, and since I'm not doing too well on my other resolutions, well, here I am! So since I was basically dead in the year of two thousand and nine, I'll share some brief highlights.
Juneau, Alaska. That pretty much sums up my summer. Which pretty much sums up my year! Since the rest of it was spent either with mi amore, or job hunting. But I'll still post some other highlights, because as much as I want to say I had an uneventful year, It was actually pretty darn eventful.

B! My number one highlight. :)

And then of course, within Alaska, there were multiple highlights...and uhm...lowlights.

Whale Watching

Bears hangin' out in my front yard

The Salmon Bake

And extremely rare sunny days, which were then counteracted by extremely frequent....

Rainy days... :(

Aside from the rain, the lack of transportation and consistent grocery shopping were the main reasons I was more than ready to come back to good ol' Utah. That and another pretty significant thing...

Mi Familia :)

All in all, Alaska was a good experience. And 2009 was a fairly good year. But I have a pretty good feeling that 2010 is gonna sweep the floor. And I'm gonna do everything in my power to make it so.

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