Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years Eve!

Well, I'm in Washington and I how I missed it so.
Sometimes I wish more than anything I could move back. But I know that Utah's where God wants me for now.
However, I decided that I'm going to apply to BYU-I. And if I get accepted, I'm going to pray really hard about if I should go there. It would be so nice to finally get out of Provo. And Stevie and I would be there together which would be really awesome. But of course, It's a matter of prayer, really.
So we'll see.

Anyway. Home is wonderful. Besides the whole falling out Afton and I have had...which is...different. But I'm alright with it. Stevie, Camille, Turner and Daniel are all here. And they make Washington home to me. I miss them. Camille's going to be moving to Provo to be with Kali and me. It will be sooo much fun.
But anyway.

I don't really have plans tonight. Probably just hang out with the group or something. We'll see.
But I would now like to post a review on the best movie I've seen in years. And possibly the best movie I've seen in my entire life.

The movie is called Juno. And if you haven't seen it, you definitely should. I don't want to give anything away other than the fact that it's about a girl that gets pregnant at age 16. I promise it's not as boring or cliche as it sounds. It was an incredible film and I would recommend anyone to see it. It's a very low budget film, which I am kind of partial too anyway, but even if I wasn't, it was definitely the most well made, realistic movie I have ever seen. And Jordan and Marie will most likely come to appreciate the soundtrack as well because it's very Indie based. I have been listening to it for the last 2 days.

Anyway. Point being, Juno was an incredible movie and I would advise absolutely anyone and everyone to watch it.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve!

Oh, and I love you, Grandma!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Well, Merry Christmas everyone!
Buuut since I have not received feedback in the last 5 posts, I decided to give this blogsite a rest until someone comments! haha.
So someone better get on that.
I hope everyone can celebrate this joyous occasion!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

#4 Random Fact


Friday, December 21, 2007


So our apartment is watching a puppy until Christmas because our roommate volunteered to keep it until her co-worker gives it to her daughter for Christmas. It's one of the cutest little things I have ever seen. It's a black-tri miniature Australian Shepherd. We named him Miko, though for some odd reason, Anna likes to call him Richard...Anyway. Here are some pics...I took a lot. I've grown sadly attached to the little guy.

Anyway, I'd also like to state some random facts for no apparent reason.

#1 Random fact: Jordan informed me that He and Marie got into an argument over whether or not he was the brother I was referring to in my Realization Blog. And I would like to set the record straight that he was, in fact, the one I was referring to. Sorry, Marie! Haha. So here's a little shout out to my brother who reads my blogs "religiously." Thanks, Jor! Haha.

#2 Random fact: I'm a really really terrible gift wrapper. And you'd think that within the last 10 years I'd learn how to get better at it, but no. I'm almost as bad as Jeremy. Not offense, Jer. But it's true. When I get married, I'm going to have someone come and wrap my presents professionally. There's no way my children are going to believe Santa's elves wrap as terribly as I wrap.

#3 Random fact: Uhmm, I'm really really excited for Christmas this year. I didn't think I would be, but I am sooo happy to be able to spend it with my whole family. I love my family so much, and in the last few months I've realized that more and more.

#4 Random fact: Tim Burton is an absolute genius.

#5 Random fact: My current musical obsessions include Shiny Toy Guns: We Are Pilots, A.F.I.: December Underground, and the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack.

And that is the end of my very random blog. I hope everyone has an incredible week. It's Christmas! Yeahhhhh!!!!!

Looooove, Me

Gooooodbyyyye NuCafe!

Yeah yeah! Today was my last day at Nu Skin for a whole WEEK AND A HALF. I'm soooo happy!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh. I'm so so sooo excited for Christmas this year. And at first, it was hard for me to get used to the idea that this year's Christmas would be spent in Utah, but I love the idea of being so close to my family. I love my family so so much. And the last couple of months have made me realize it more and more. Anyway, I'm basically getting paid to spend time with family. Which...I pretty much can't complain about. Well, that's my news for now!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Concert obsession.

Shiny Toy Guns. What an incredibly band to see live. They really are an incredible band. And currently, they are the band I listen to non-stop and am unable to listen to anything else. Anyway, they are amazing. I'm not sure where they place out of all of the concerts I've seen, but they were definitely up there. I went up with Hillery and James and the traffic was TERRIBLE. We also accidentally cut Brandon off while driving up...Oops! Haha. We were also late to see my friends play [Victim Effect] and Love You Long Time. We were however, able to make it for Ihatekate. And put it nicely...they weren't very talented. Then Datarock came on. But I wasn't a huge fan of them, while Hillery and James were. I ended up hanging out with Rachel the whole time, which was way fun. Thennnn, the Shiny's were up in all their glory! Yeah! We were way in the middle of the mosh pit, but Rach felt dizzy, so she left before they started playing. I stayed in for the first song [Starts With One] where we had a hardcore dance party with Dawn [of Victim Effect] and friends. It was incredible. But I felt like I should head back after that and stay with Rachel as much as I wanted to be in the mosh pit. Anyway, we left early to beat traffic and because Hill and James weren't big fans of the Shiny's live. It made me sad, but that's okay. We missed the traffic by a long shot which was good.

Now I shall list the concerts I've seen in order from best to worst.

1. Blaqk Audio [Sept. 07']
2. 30 Seconds to Mars [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
3. Shiny Toy Guns [Dec. 07' Nightmare Before Christmas]
4. The Used [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
5. Brand New [Mar. 07']
6. Dashboard Confessional [Aug 07' Jamboree]
7. The Format [Aug 07' Jamboree]
8. All American Rejects [Aug 04']
9. Fall Out Boy [ha] [Aug 04']
10. The Hush Sound [Aug 04']
11. The Aquabats [Aug 07' Jamboree]
12. Saosin [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
13. Hawthorne Heights [Aug 04']
14. Evaline [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
15. Datarock [Dec. 07' Nightmare Before Christmas]
16. Ihatekate [Dec. 07' Nightmare Before Christmas]
17. Colbie Collait [Aug. 07' Jamboree]
18. From First to Last [Aug. 04']
19. Senses Fail [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]

Concert obsessed? A little.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My epiphany.

So it's extremely late, and I probably shouldn't be up this late writing. But I have no other time that I can this week because tomorrow [Dun dun dun dunnn!] I'm going to the Shiny Toy Guns concert! w00t!

Anyway, this month has been among was of the worst in my life. I'll just come out and honestly say it. There wasn't anything specific making it bad either, I just wasn't happy. Though, now that I think about it, I'm sure there were some definite factors in it. Either way, It was a hard time for me. But there comes times like that in your life when you realize how much a person means to you. Through that hard time there were so many people helping me through it. There were select individuals, however, that no matter what, were there for me. Those are the people I know, will ALWAYS be there for me. No matter what happens. Come rain or shine, they are my best friends. And I feel like listing those 4 people.

Mom: You have such a hard time with everything you go through, and though half of the time you won't admit it, you are in a lot of pain. And yet, for some reason you are ALWAYS able to listen to me. Even if it's a lame story about what happened at work. You know how to put me in a good mood no matter what mood I am in. I love you so much and I am so blessed to have such an amazing mother. I mean that with every fiber of my being. I love you.

Lindsay: You knew exactly what I was going through and exactly how to help me in the time I needed it. Growing up, we always had the hardest time getting along, but now we're so much closer and I'm so so glad. Because you truly are one of my best friends. I love you so much, sis. Thanks for always being there when I need you.

Marci: My twin sister, oh how I love you so. I know that more than anything, you want me to feel that I can turn to you. And I know that i can. I love you and respect you for the decisions you have made in your life. I look up to you so much and I'm so blessed to have such an amazing twin sister in my life. Even though we fight. It's only normal and I love you so much more because of it. haha.

Kali: My best friend in the entire world. We definitely have had our hard times. And though it may be cheesy that I'm dedicating a paragraph in my blog to you, you really are my best friend. No matter who I may lose in my friend circle, you are constantly there whenever I need you. You are one of the few people I know that I could call in the middle of the night and you would listen. I love you, Kal. Thank you for being such an amazing best friend.

Well, there that is. Anyway, after a practical slap in the face, and some long and deep conversations, I realized that there are some things I needed to change before I could truly be happy. A lot of things have been said behind my back by people who I thought really cared about me and who I cared for in return. It hurt to find out, But I realize that by talking in return about people wasn't helping the situation either. So I decided to change it.

I absolutely refuse to speak an unkind word about anyone anymore. Even if it's someone I don't know. It only brings me down. And ever since I have stopped, I have felt so much better about myself and my life. I am able to appreciate things again and I love it. So there is my epiphany, and sort of a new years resolution too, I guess.

Also, I am extremely blessed with an INCREDIBLE job that I wouldn't trade for the world. I thank Heavenly Father for it every single day.

But I am off to bed for now. So have a lovely sleep.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Today I realized

That Kali and my brother are the only people who frequently read my blog entries.
How sad is that. But way to be supportive, yeah!

Anyway, today I came to conclusion. I am absolutely obsessed with cuddling.
And I think that if I had to choose one place I wanted to be more than anywhere else, it would be on a warm bed or couch snuggled closely to something. Whether it's a person or the side of the couch. I came to this conclusion when I woke up this morning on my couch. [My apartment is freezing] and I took my blanket at snuggled to the corner of the couch. I think that is one of my favorite feelings in the world. And I also think that I would rather cuddle with a boy than kiss. Not just regular cuddling. But the cuddling where you feel really secure and they're holding you really tight. I love being warm and feeling happy all at the same time.

I miss that. Anyway.
I'm headed off to work now. Only 18 more days until break! And then I don't have to work until January 2nd! Yeah! And I'm getting paid for all of break which will be nice. Anyway, I'm off. Have a good day!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Facts of Life.

So Kali did this and so did practically the rest of her family, I figured I'd do it as well.
I decided to post 7 random facts about myself.

#1: Quite a few people know this about me...okay, pretty much EVERYONE knows this about me, but I have a sad sad addiction with wint-o-green mints. I trail wrappers after me everywhere I go. Literally. All current residences in my old apartments have complained to me that they still find wrappers hidden in places. Very sad. Fortunately they are all my friends and would never truly be mad at me for that. This addiction started a little over a year ago. Hopefully one day it will stop. I'm hoping it will somehow replace my nail biting habit.

#2: I have a newfound obsession with Jenny Lewis. I feel it is extremely unhealthy. A: Because any major obsession is unhealthy. and B: Because Jenny Lewis is in fact, a woman. But how could anyone NOT love her?? She's a freaking musical genius. She's the reason that I aspire to learn how to play guitar and sing even better. If you don't know who Jenny Lewis is, she's the little actress who plays the daughter of the girl's scout leader in Troop Beverly Hills. More currently, she is the lead singer of the band, Rilo Kiley. and also was in the band, Postal Service. Anyway, I decided to post all of Jenny Lewis' best songs. So there you go.

#3: I wish more than anything that I could go to hair school. I don't care where or when. I just desperately want to. I know that I could do "a lot better things with my talent" but that is one thing that I have always loved doing. I am constantly cutting, dying, or highlighting my hair. It may not be healthy, but maybe if I could work on other's people hair, I wouldn't focus so much on my own. Anyway, it may or may not happen. We'll see.

#4: I have obsessive compulsive disorder. It's not as severe as I make it out to be because it's been proven that OCD is the most common disorder in America. And I think everyone has it in different forms. My OCD is mostly with my car. And cleanliness. I can't stand having my windshield dirty. And if part of my car is immaculate, the rest of my car has to be the same way. Also, when I park, my wheels have to be straight. With cleanliness, everything has to be completely messy or absolutely perfect. It can never be in between. If I start it, I have to finish it. That's pretty much it, except for some other minor things.

#5: I am constantly painting my finger nails...constantly. I think my longest record of not painting them was one week. And that's because every color I paint them, my parents hate. So over Thanksgiving break, I refrained. I'm pretty sure Kali got me stuck on this fetish about a year ago. In high school, I would constantly paint my nails black because I wanted to fit in with the emo kids. And now the colors range between black, white, lime, pink, blue, and silver. And anything else that suits my fancy. Usually the colors last from 1-2 days and then I just cycle through them.

#6: I am absolutely in love with anything fashion oriented. I may not have the cutest clothes. In comparison to Kali Harris, anyway. But I have severe ISD. Yes...yes, it's true. I have Impulsive Shopping Disorder. If I see anything at all that I think is even remotely cute, I WILL buy it. It is a very sad addiction and I am sure many of you out there suffer from the same thing.

#7: I can't stand it when anyone hates me. And I can't stand it when I hate anyone. I have been in so many situations where I have felt like someone doesn't like me for no reason. It's one of the hardest things for me to deal with. Mostly because I try my best to be nice to people without being fake. It is very rare that I will find someone I don't like. I think there's really only honestly one person that I truly dislike and I have very good reasons for it. Kali knows who I speak of. But really, if a person doesn't like me, I do everything in my power to gain their friendship.

And since Kali and Jayme both posted 8, I will too.

#8: My life and everything I do revolves around my senses. Mostly hearing, because without music, I would be completely lost. However, I was born partially blind, and I know without a doubt that the reason my vision was restored was for a very good reason. I find so much beauty in this world because of my sight. And I don't think that I would appreciate music as much if it weren't for my ability to visibly relate it to other things I have seen. Even if it's only to color. Without my ability to see and hear, I would be completely lost. And I wouldn't be the person God has made me to be.

And there are my 8 random facts. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

February 2nd, 2005- November 29, 2007

So I found this survey in my inbox that I filled out forever ago, so I decided to see what the different between now and then was. Man, have I changed a lot. So here it is:


1.Nicknames: Kellzerz, kell bell, kell

2.b-day: sept 24th 1987

3. Age: 16

4. Sex: Female

5. Social security: i should prolly memorize it..but....

6. Where do you live? camas, wa, baby!

7.What school do you attend? CHS!

8. Siblings and their ages? if you really care ask me to my's faster.

9. Pets: my dog, hobie!

10. Zodiac Sign: hm...dunno...

11. Righty or Lefty: Righty

*********YOUR LOOKS*********

12. Hair color: dark brown

13. Eye color: hazel

14. Height: 5'8-ish

15. Do u wear contacts or glasses? Both..mainly contacts

16. Do you have any piercing? ears

17. Where do you want more if you do? Uhm, my belly button

18. Do you have a tattoo? no

19. If so what and where? ...

20. Do you wear any rings? My promise ring.

21. Do you have a certain fashion you follow? I kinda go with whatever I feel like. I dress preppy alot of the time, but I feel and act..punkier.

**********JUST LATELY***************

23. How are you today? Meh..okay..

24. What pants are you wearing right now? mmm, AE jeans

25. What shirt are you wearing right now? orange spaghetti strap, creme sweater, and jean jacket.

26. What under-clothes do you usually wear? Victoria Secret x]

27. What does your hair look like at the moment? Pony tail.

28. What song are u listening to right now? Scientist

29. What was the last thing you ate? hm...bacon....mmm...bacon...

30. How is the weather right now? yay! not as cold anymore!

31. Last person you talked to on the phone: hm...austin.

32. Last Dream you can remember: uh...some

33. Who are you talking to right now? myself...haha, jp. lol no one.

34. What time is it? 12:41 pm.

**********More about YOU! **************

37. Have you ever almost died? not that i remember.

38. Do u like the person that sent u this? which one? i mean i like all of em otherwise i would have their email. lol.

39. How do you eat an Oreo: the commercial.

40. What makes you happy? everything that makes a normal person happy...

41. What's the next CD you are going to buy? hm...clay or christina.

42. What religion/denomination are you? The church of Jesus Christ of

Latter Day Saints. ;)

43. What's the best advice ever given to you? silence is golden, you don't hafta say everything you kno.

44. Have u ever won any special award? sure have.

45.What are your future goals? marriage in temple to RM. family, college.

46. Do u like to dance? ya! even tho i dunno how!

47. Worst sickness u ever had? phneumonia.

48. What's the stupidest thing u ever done? Me? do something stupid?

49. What's your favorite memory? personal. hint: it was w/ a guy i liked.

50.If u could change one thing about yourself what would it be? way to boost confidence!

51. Where do you shop the most? it used to be AE, but now it's all skanky, so...Gap.

52. How many kids do you want to have? ill decide that later.

53.Son's name? hm..gavin or camden.

54. Daughter's name? ABBY! i love that name!

55. Do you do drugs? well, if u count my ADHD pills....

56. Do you drink? sprite remix, baby!

57. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? DOVE! yes!

58. What sport do you hate the most? i don't really hate sports.

59. What are you most scared of? being surrounded by water! eek!

61. Do you have your own tv? nope.

62. Do you have your own phone line? nope.

63.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? naw, but i have my's name is blankepat. hehe.....blankepat. (perfect one, huh dee?)

64 Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: duh! im writing w/ a sprained arm right now!

65. Who do you dream about? anything thats been on my mind a lot.

66. Who do you tell your dreams to? anyone who'll listen.

67. Who's the loudest friend you have: dee.

68. Who's the quietest friend? i don't really have quiet friends.

69. Is cheerleading a sport? haha. do u even have to ask? of course not!

70. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? 63.

71. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Chicken

************YOU and LOVE**************

72. Do you believe in Love? what kind of question is that? of course i do!

73. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? maaaaaaaaybe....why do YOU wanna kno?

74. Do you have a crush? yep :D

75. Who is your crush? if u reall want to kno ask me to my face. lol.

76. Will you send this to your crush? yep...or will i?

77. Do you believe in Love at first sight? um...NO.

78. Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? Venis!

79. What song do you want played at your wedding? You Are the Love of My Life.

80. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes...definitely eyes.

81. Are you too shy too ask someone out? not if i kno they like me.

82. Who do u want to spend the rest of your life with? whoever i marry. lol.

83. Do you find yourself attractive? ya..sure..

84. Do you find yourself ugly? nope.

85. Do others find you attractive? I sure hope so

~*^~*Which is worse:*~^*~

87. Making out with Jennifer Lopez or Brittany Spears? You expect me to answer that?

88. What’s worse having your tonsils or appendix removed? i've nvr really had either.

ON GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT (for girls only)*

89. Boxers or briefs: boxers.

91. Curly or straight: uh..straight.

92. Tall or short: tall :D


1.Nicknames: Mostly just Kel.

2.b-day: sept 24th 1987

3. Age: 20

4. Sex: Female

5. Social security: Yes, I'm going to post that online where everyone can see it.

6. Where do you live? Provo, UT.

7.What school do you attend? UVSC.

8. Siblings and their ages? Eh. In all honesty, I don't remember all of their ages. I know, I'm a terrible sister, but there are 6 of them!

9. Pets: Negative.

10. Zodiac Sign: Libra.

11. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

*********YOUR LOOKS*********

12. Hair color: Uhm, blonde with dark violet streaks.

13. Eye color: Hazel.

14. Height: 5'10".

15. Do u wear contacts or glasses? Contacts.

16. Do you have any piercing? Ears.

17. Where do you want more if you do? I would get a lip ring, but that's most definitely not going to happen. I know, it's a shocker.

18. Do you have a tattoo? No.

19. If so what and where?

20. Do you wear any rings? No.

21. Do you have a certain fashion you follow? Not really. I just wear what I feel comfortable. Most people I guess would call it "Indie" but eh.

**********JUST LATELY***************

23. How are you today? Today's been a long day. But I'm doing well.

24. What pants are you wearing right now? Forever 21 skinnies.

25. What shirt are you wearing right now? My yellow shirt and red dress.

26. What under-clothes do you usually wear? VS?

27. What does your hair look like at the moment? Straight down.

28. What song are u listening to right now? I'm not currently listening to anything.

29. What was the last thing you ate? Marshmallow Mateys.

30. How is the weather right now? Brrrr.

31. Last person you talked to on the phone: Becky.

32. Last Dream you can remember: Haha. It was too bizarre. But part of it had to do with Great Harvest. And my hair.

33. Who are you talking to right now? No one?

34. What time is it? 10:14 pm.

**********More about YOU! **************

37. Have you ever almost died? Yes.

38. Do u like the person that sent u this? Eh?

39. How do you eat an Oreo: Like the commercial. As always.

40. What makes you happy? Music.

41. What's the next CD you are going to buy? I don't really buy CD's. haha.

42. What religion/denomination are you? LDS.

43. What's the best advice ever given to you? Mmm. Not too sure.

44. Have u ever won any special award? Eh. I suppose.

45.What are your future goals? I'm not exactly sure. I guess to just go somewhere with photography?

46. Do u like to dance? Hahah. Yes.

47. Worst sickness u ever had? Pneumonia.

48. What's the stupidest thing u ever done? I've done far too many stupid things to just name one.

49. What's your favorite memory? Once again. Far too many to name.

50.If u could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I like myself. So that wouldn't be necessary.

51. Where do you shop the most? Forever 21. eek.

52. How many kids do you want to have? 2-3.

53.Son's name? Camden.

54. Daughter's name? Lindley.

55. Do you do drugs? Not so much.

56. Do you drink? No.

57. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Bed head.

58. What sport do you hate the most? Baseball.

59. What are you most scared of? Growing old.

61. Do you have your own tv? No.

62. Do you have your own phone line? Technically?

63.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No.

64 Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: Yes.

65. Who do you dream about? No one, really.

66. Who do you tell your dreams to? Not really anyone.

67. Who's the loudest friend you have: Kali. Oh yes.

68. Who's the quietest friend? Annie.

69. Is cheerleading a sport? Haha. I suppose so. Sorry, Kal.

70. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? That's a silly question.

71. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken.

************YOU and LOVE**************

72. Do you believe in Love? Yes.

73. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? No.

74. Do you have a crush? Yes.

75. Who is your crush? I will not list them, but there are 4 of them.

76. Will you send this to your crush? No...

77. Do you believe in Love at first sight? No.

78. Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? Greece.

79. What song do you want played at your wedding? Hmm. I've got time to figure that out.

80. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Sense of style and taste in music.

81. Are you too shy too ask someone out? No.

82. Who do u want to spend the rest of your life with? The person I end up with?

83. Do you find yourself attractive? Yes.

84. Do you find yourself ugly? No.

85. Do others find you attractive? I believe so.

~*^~*Which is worse:*~^*~

87. Making out with Jennifer Lopez or Brittany Spears? Hahaha. P.s. It's Britney.

88. What’s worse having your tonsils or appendix removed? Wouldn't know.

ON GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT (for girls only)*

89. Boxers or briefs: Briefs.

91. Curly or straight: Straight.

92. Tall or short: Tall.

94. Good or bad guys: I suppose a mixture of both? But mostly good.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The love of my life.

Well, this week I went to get my laptop fixed for the 3rd time. And I decided to just forget it all and just buy a new one. So I did, and then Sean wanted to trade my old one for a snowboard. However, I'm beginning to think I could just use the money instead and put it in my savings. And if I end up getting a snowboard for Christmas, horray for me.

Anyway, my laptop is my new best friend. I love it so very much. However, the process of moving all of my information over is taking what seems like forever. But the point is, I have one. And I love it.

Also, I decided that I'm not going to take the job as a receptionist in South Jordan. The commute is far too much even with the good pay.
And I have spoken with Kimmy West and I don't think we'll be able to move into that house anymore because her sister says that her husband may be serving in the military so Kimmy might live there until he comes back around April. It's all sort of up in the air, but until I know what's going on, I'm staying at Raintree.

Basically, life has been pretty boring lately for how busy it feels. I'm starting school in January, so thats always exciting. Im still a little unsure about what I want to do with school...but I guess I will just figure that out with time. Anyway, I must be off. Everyone have a good night!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving week updates.

So, a lot of new stuff has come up this week. Not a whole lot, but enough to post about it.

Well, I found a one bedroom house in downtown Provo that's really nice and quaint. I would most likely be moving into it with Kimmy West. It's not a completely for sure thing, but I really want to move in and get out of Raintree. I think one year is long enough. I'm ready to move onto bigger and better things.

Also, I bought a longboard recently, and I have been riding it non-stop since I got it. I think I've nearly ridden it about 20 miles just over the weekend and yesterday. Im absolutely obsessed with it. I fell twice yesterday and there's a pretty bad bruise on my knee (It's really honestly not as bad as it looks) , but it's not something Im not used to. So it's alright. However, I am very sad because I found out today that it's supposed to snow! I mean, I should have expected that. It's the end of November. It should have been snowing for the last month by now. So it's not too terrible. But I will miss longboarding terribly. Oh well, guess that means I'll just have to snowboard now instead.

Also, Chris offered me a job in South Jordan as a receptionist in his insurance office. The pay is reeeally good, the only problem would be the commute. I need input as to what to do. It sounds like a really good job, but I don't want to make the same wages as I do now with the cost of gas included. Then it would just be pointless. So I'll figure it out.

And finally! Im getting my hair done today! yeah yeah! Im excited. I think Im going to put violet streaks and strawberry blonde streaks in. I had it before, and it sounds way more extreme than it actually looks. I think Ill like it alot. Im reeeally excited. But then again, I could get there and decide to do something completely different.

Anyway, I think that's pretty much it in a summary. Thanksgiving is this week and Im so so soooo excited! I love Thanksgiving! My car is still in the shop, but Im really hoping I get it fixed before Wednesday. Ughh. I better! But yes. I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh me, oh my.

Well, because I am ever so ecstatic about what is to occur tomorrow, I decided to post a blog about it.

So tomorrow, my good friend, Jack Attack Whipple [if you knew him, you'd know why we call him Jack Attack. In fact, it's more of an understatement than anything] is to be baptised tomorrow! I am very very excited. And also, my dear dear friend, miss Hillery Hathaway is to be speaking at the baptism, which I am also excited for. Overall...Im just excited.

ALSO. Miss Hillery and her band, the Elizabethan Report [Which I am now officially known as a groupie for the band] won Battle of the Bands tonight!!!! AHHH. It was an eventful night for all and everyone played wonderfully. Then we enjoyed a refreshing slurpee at grand old 7-11 as well as a nice little chat with my buddy, Raj. This event followed with a viewing of possibly the most messed up movie I have ever seen. 28 Days Later. Which suprisingly...I think I may have liked.

And now, my time has come to hit the hay.
Tomorrow is a loooong long day.
Goodnight, friends

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So, me and my friend, Camryn, are starting a musical project.
I wouldn't call it a band just yet, because Im still iffy about all of it, but the song writing process is coming along pretty well and im pretty excited about it. We've got half a song written, and Ill attempt to post the recorded version once I finish, but yep. There's that.

Also, I've been very frustrated with dating lately. And texting. Haha. Lame combination, I know, but it's true.

Boys for the reason that in this week alone, I had "the talk" with a boy who I never thought I would ever have to do that with. I don't understand where it randomly came from. But there they were. BAM. I don't even know why I had the talk. Mostly because...Uhhhh. I did nothing to bring it on. Haha. Long story. But yes. The boys I am attracted to show little to no interest, and of course there has to be a boy to throw you off balance showing he very much so wants to date you, when you don't have the same feelings in return.

Anyway, texting. I'm so tired of it. You waste so much time on it. Not only that, but you text someone saying "what's up?" or whatever, and you receive no response. It's frustrating! Esepecially if it's someone you like. And then you waste even more time wondering why they don't just text you back. Texting is a mystery to me. It's an extreme love/hate relationship that Im not sure I can handle. But I do anyways. Because I love and hate it. Oh well, I think texting will always be a mystery.

However, my goal this week is to not text anyone unless I am texted first and see if I get by without it. Im tired of feeling frustrated when they dont text back. So instead, I shall wait and see what the outcome of the solution is.

Anyways, I am now off to bed. Goodnight everyone!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

News Updates

Well...there's really nothing new to write about, actually. But I just felt like writing because I've been slacking on it. Even though Jack's probably the only one who ever reads these. Kudos, Jack Jack.

But in case the family IS, in fact, reading this, or anyone else for that matter, I took my car in to get fixed finally! YEAH! So hopefully I get it back next weekend. I feel so completely naked without it. It's very sad how much I depend on that automobile. Especially for all the hell it's put me through. Haha.

Anyway, Halloween was awesome. Every event that occured previous to midnight anyway...Trick or Treating with my nephews was SO much fun. Ill post some pictures of it later. And then I went to some dance parties and went from Pam to an 80's girl. Much easier costume to dance in might I add.

Also, I decided that Im going back into photography at UVSC. Im going to try to get into the program and do well for once. Seeing as I've so obviously not done that in the past. Im still going to work at Nu Skin. I absolutely love that job. Even though last week my manager was VERY onery. But my hours are supposed to pick up for Christmas and if they slow down again after that, I'll just work another side job.

I'm having a hard time in the housing department, however. I desperately want to move from Raintree to some place in downtown Provo. Almost all of my friends live down there and it would be so much more convenient just to live down there. Namely a house. So if anyone knows of any open spaces left, pleeease let me know. I would really love to move in.

Well, that's that. If anything else comes up, Ill be sure to let you know!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So. Halloween happens to be one of my all time favorite holidays. Yes. It is a fact. I've been rather indecisive about what my costume will be for All Hallow's Eve, but I finally came to a conclusion after wearing two different costumes [for which I will post pictures of both as well as some others.] One was a gothic doll and the other a CEREAL killer. And dun dun da dunnn [drum roll please] I decided on Pam from the Office.

Yes, I will admit. It's rather morbid, but what isn't on this frightfully exciting holiday? That's right. I'm FINALLY going to be something somewhat morbid. Because I just realized that today, I have never actually been anything dead. So, I am living the dream. But no worries, I won't scare children or anything terrible like that. I just want to embrace this day for what it's worth. Candy, scary costumes, pumpkins, and Hokus Pokus.

Anyways, Im excited to see what everyone turns out to be on Halloween. Horray! Mom and dad, you better dress up!
Anywho, here are some pictures! Enjoy! I love you all!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


So today was a pretty good day.
But slowly as it's come to an end, I realized just how lonely my life is. I mean to say, mine personally without outside influences. Friends can only do so much before you realize what it is that you've made of yourself without those friends. I went to my brother, Chris' again to go to my nephews' pinewood derby [Josh and Tyler]. I love the feeling SO much of knowing how much my nephews and brother and sister-in-law love me. It made me realize how much I wouldn't give to just have someone care about me. That is to say, the way Marci and Will care about each other. I mean, sure I've had the opportunity to take a glimpse into that...a minor minor glimpse, but a glimpse none the less. I just wish more than anything to know what it feels like to be so deeply in love with someone, and to know they feel the same way.

In the past it's gone both ways. And from recent experiences, it's hard to tell what feelings were disbursed because it was such a complicated and frustrating relationship. Either way, I was able to come to the conclusion that it was far from feelings of deep love. or love at all, other than the common love you have for another person you're close to.

Anyway, Im sort of just rambling. But I guess what my point is, is that Im so tired of waiting for something glorious to happen. And I wish I had the patience to know that something amazing is coming along, but I don't. I know there is someone out there who I will be able to soon feel so strongly about that this blog will no longer be necessary, but Im impatient. I guess maybe patience is what I need to learn before it happens, however.

Well...Im tired. These are just the thoughts on my mind right now. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good night.
Sleep well, friends and family.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Insomniatic mess.

Yes, that is me at this current moment.
Im sick and have officially lost my voice, yet I am unable to sleep. perfect timing for my insomnia to occur, right? Oh well.

I have a lot on my mind. And Im realizing it more and more these days. I went to my oldest brother, Chris' house to visit him and his family (his wife and 6 boys) on Sunday. It was such an amazing experience. Im so glad I decided to go. Chris and Becky both helped me make clear of alot of things in my life that have been confusing me.

I have a lot of choices to make, but the more I pray about it and trust in God about it, the more answers I will receive. I have a hard time putting trust in other people's hands. Mainly because of experiences I have been in with other people, but I need to realize that God is constant, and no matter what decision I make, he will be there helping me make the choices he feels are best for me.

I've been really confused as to what Im doing with school, work, dating, and living. But these are things, and I am just now realizing this, that I shouldn't stress about. I know that with time it will all make sense. I have such an amazing life with such incredible people in it, and I need to realize that more often.

Anyway. Here are some "news" updates.

This last Saturday, I went with Kali and Laura to see Across the Universe. As most of you know I have a pretty interesting taste in movies. So it should be understandable that I absolutely loved this movie. However, I wouldn't advise it for anyone who doesn't like modern day musicals or completely bizarre films. It was such a refreshing and new idea for me. I loved it. Though, on the other side of the spectrum, I can see why people would say that they didn't like it. Ratings have become very loose, needless to say, and there are two scenes when you see nudity that should only be acceptable in an R rated movie. People who are sensitive to scenes such as this, most likely would not approve of it as well as the other bizarre scenes that for some people, make little to no sense. In any case, I am a huge Beatles obsessor and I absolutely loved the film. I would see it again in a heartbeat, however, maybe next time with a group of people who aren't so completely repulsed and weirded out by the obscurity of this movie.

On another note, friends come in and out constantly in my life, so I feel I need to catch some people up on the people I spend most of my time with.

Other than my roommates [Annelisa High, Anna Keddington, Michelle Phipps, Erin Cunningham, and Christina Adreadakis], I've categorized my best friends into groups:

Afton Fullmer [My 'emo' best friend: clearly I never see Afton seeing as she lives in Washington, but she will always be my best friend. And it's pretty obvious as to why she's categorized the way she is. hahah.]

Kali Harris [My fashion-obsessed best friend: Probably the person I spend most of my time with, when she or I aren't working or going to school. We've definitely had our downfalls, but I love her to death. Her category is pretty obvious as well.]

Hillery Hathaway [My indie best friend: when im not with Kali, she's my other female companion. I pretty much tell her everything. And I love her ever ever so much.]

Brandon Leavitt [My boy best friend. haha. he holds this title proudly. He holds this title mostly because he knows pretty much everything about me. We've been through alot together, and because of him, I've been through experiences I needed to be the person I am today.]

Amy George [My hardcore best friend: Basically she has all the same musical interests as me. As well as everything else. Im so glad she came into my life, we're soul mates. we're eachother's other halves. I love her to death and am excited to see what the future holds.]

Anyways, thats a wrap. Tonight, I got the Across the Universe Soundtrack and the Bone Palace Ballet Album [Chiodos] from Brandon. I have a feeling that Ill be listening to both non stop for the next month. Oh well, bring it on! I need to prep myself for Chiodos in Vegas on the 2nd anyway. W00t. Life is good.

Everyone have a good night! I love you all.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello, world.

Needless to say, I've been very inactive on my blog site for the last couple of weeks. Chances are, this is how it's going to be for awhile due to my internet not working. I currently check the internet about every 2-3 days on Jeremy's computer. So Ill try to write something every once in awhile, but here's my update.

Life has been pretty crazy! And October is definitely one of the busier months out of my year! Having facebook makes it nearly impossible for me to have an outside social life. Mainly because there are constantly invites going around for parties every night, almost. And aside from that, my dating life has picked up a little bit too. It seems like whenever I want it to calm down, it always picks up. But when I want it to speed up, it comes to a complete stop! Anyway.

Since this is the only organized place I have in my life right now (sad, I know, right?), I'm going to post my calendar as far as dates and events go. Just assume that I work every week day from 11:30-3:30. And go to class on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-9:45 am.


13th (9:30-1am): Goth Prom
16th (time unknown): Triple date with Andy, Kalin and Jeremy at the Haunted House.
17th (time unknown): Date with Nick
18th (8-11:55): Merch desk at the Kid-You-Nauts
19th (10-2am): Hallowfunkaween dance party
20th (time unknown): Haunted house with Andy Rafn and friends
26th (7-12am): Llama Palooza
27th (7-12am): Rachel's halloween party

And for some reason the dates just build up as the days go by.
anyways. Other than that Im working alot and going to school. Life is crazy! But Im working on figuring out my living situation for the winter or maybe just spring. Or both. Im not sure. I might move into a house with my good friend, Kimmy west. Or an apartment. Or move into an apartment with my friends, Rachel, Nancy and Chelsea. Hmmm. its all up in the air right now. But we'll see what happens. Anyways.

Just so everyone knows, Halloween is my second favorite holiday of all time. I love it so so so so sooooo much! I love haunted houses and corn mazes as well. Just the entire idea of it. Anyway. I shall be back to write more later. But I hope everyone has a marvelous week and that they take this time to enjoy this wonderful holiday!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well, my laptop has been infected by a virus. Meaning my wireless internet has been hijacked by an outside source. Pretty lame. But anyway, I've been without internet for some time now. All is well, but as soon as I get internet back, I will be sure to update the world with loads of information. Anyways. Everyone have a goodnight!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Seaside Photography

The Epic Photograph:

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