Monday, February 28, 2011

day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?





. . .

how have i changed?
in so so many ways.

i have a lot more responsibility on my shoulders.
absolutely no financial support from anyone.
i am now officially 100% independent in every aspect.
and i feel so much happier.

even in the last year, i've become more accepting
much more open minded.
i've experienced a lot more.
and i've made a lot of personal changes.

i'm one giant step closer to becoming who i want to be
and i have a much better grasp of what i want to believe
but i'm also much more confused
and i analyze a lot more than i used to.

i kind of feel like a rubik's cube.
the closer you get to figuring out the puzzle,
the more confusing the puzzle looks.
eventually it'll all make sense
and everything will come together.
i'm getting there :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

accident prone.

poor little kelli.
is a major klutz.
who slices their finger on a potato peeler?
i do.

last night i was making my all time favorite food.
mashed potatoes.
and then occured a travesty.
what i thought was the weakest peeler ever,
sliced right up into my finger.

blood. was. everywhere.
literally the most blood i have ever seen.
who knew such a small part of your body,
contained that much blood?

anyway. thank goodness i didn't need stitches.
because poor kelli does not have health insurance.
needless to say,
i'll never underestimate a potato peeler
ever. again.

(don't mind the chipped nails)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 27- why are you doing this 30 day challenge

im just going to kick this post out of the way today
because it's another boring one.
and also because i want to share my yummy meal plan with you for the day.

why i'm doing this 30 day challenge?
i needed things to blog about
so i did my daily blog stalkage.
and decided to take the challenge to get me back into blogging!

it's worked great, as you can see.
and i've gained more blog followers!
yay for that. :)

onto my yummy meal plan.
so i quit on the 'no sugar' idea.
and moved to the 'less sugar' idea.
because i started craving sugar solely because i couldn't have it.
not because i was addicted.

so here's what i've prepared for my 6 meal plan:

vanilla & almond special k cereal

(my lunch is too early to take a snack before)
yummy chicken with caribbean jerk spices & garlic salt
mashed potatoes

snack #1
2 hardboiled eggs (love)
3 strawberries

snack #2
pistachos (my favorite)
banana (with nutella - yum!)

corn flake chicken
mashed potatoes

snack #3

disclaimer: these are all in small portions.

day 26- what do you think about your friends?

this is the dumbest question ever.
what do i think about my friends?
i like them?
otherwise they wouldn't really be my friends,
now would they?

except for my forced friends.
like my roommates.
who in all actuality, i probably wouldn't be friends with
on any given day
if they weren't my roommates.

but roommates aside,
i love my friends.
you guys are awesome :)

i could be okay with this day ending.
i just want to go home and sleep.
mmmm. pillow, you sound so nice to me.

sorry for the boring post.
i promise tomorrow's will be better.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day 25- what I would find in your bag

(same style. different design. i like this one better.)

iphone 4.

warm vanilla sugar handibac

you know it.

trident gum.
(best ever for kicking sugar cravings)


also in my bag
(not pictured)

ipod cord
plastic spoon
broke plastic fork
rubio's coupon

that about sums it up.

Friday, February 18, 2011

day 24- your last five facebook status'

i'm friends with over half of you on facebook,

so this isn't really necessary, but hey!

it's the weekend.
so why not?

1. "great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds."
seriously my favorite quote of all time.
it's from albert einstein, but dave ramsey quoted it.

2. the enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." the enemy of "the best" is "just fine."
also a dave ramsey quote.
it's a pretty great example of how the average person lives their life financially.
don't aim for being "fine," aim for being "the best!"

3. no no no nopenope no. i'm too tired.
pretty self-explanatory.

4. feel better, teethies.
got my last two major cavities filled
and my gums hurt real bad.
but yay! no more root canals :)

5. looking for a night job. would anyone happen to know of anywhere that's hiring?
and again,
self explanatory.
i'm serious about it,
anyone know of a night job that would be hiring?

that's all. (:

and on a side note, i'm off to spend the weekend at my sister's!
3 days weekend, baybay.

as a side note, here are the roses b got me for valentines.
aren't they so pretty?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

day 23- something you crave for a lot

because of the point i'm at financially,
i can easily include day 23 with something else i felt inspired to share
what i crave the most,

more than anything

is financial peace.

when i say financial peace, i don't just mean,

-not living paycheck to paycheck
-being able to consistently make payments
(ie: credit card, dental, car and student loans)

i mean
being COMPLETELY free of debt
and never ever ever having any sort of debt

i will never let myself owe money.
and i will have an absolute minimum of 3-6 months worth of money for emergencies only
i will never own a car, that i don't actually own
(no thanks, car loans)
i will never have to deal with student loans
(who wants to be paying loans when you're already done with school?)
and i will never ever (even if i lose my job)
have to deal with the feeling of being scared and anxious about upcoming bills.

and the fantastic thing about all of this is?
it's 100% possible within this year to have ALL those things.

how, you ask?

through this book.

dave ramsey is so incredibly inspirational.
i suggest everyone read this book.
even if you already feel financially stable.
it gives me so much hope for my future
because i know that if i follow these steps

sometime, in the very near future,
i'll finally have financial peace.
thanks, dave

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 22- what makes you different from everyone else

this is a horrible question.
i'm no different that everyone else.
because everyone else happens to be an individual person.
i'm friendly and energetic
just like any other person who's friendly and energetic.
i'm intuitive and thoughtful,
just like any other person who's intuitive and thoughtful.
i'm messy and disorganized,
just like any other person who's messy and disorganized.
and i'm passionate about life
just like any other person who's passionate about life.

so really, no one is any different from any other person.
i'm just who i am.
that's all there really is to it.

so when it rains it really pours.

like really.
right now i'm not making nearly enough money to sustain myself.
and that excludes:
- my dental loans (monthly payments of $250)
- my car (which SHOCKER, it broke down again - $500)
- debts to an incredibly generous, and anonymous individal ($500)
- car insurance ($600 up front for 6 months)

right now, i'm not making enough at all to pay off said debts.
so it looks like either kelli finds away to boost her photography business
link here (pleasepleaseplease)
or she's getting a night job at pizza hut.
goodbye social life with boyfriend for the next 6 months.


Monday, February 14, 2011


when everything in my life feels hopeless
and nothing seems to be working out
the world seems to be ending
and i can't find any consolation
he is always there to make everything better.

i love valentine's day.
i've always loved it.

when i was little, i would anticipate valentine shopping so much
my mom wasn't super crafty, so we always bought ours
but i was a pro at making v-day boxes.

now that i'm older, even before i had a significant other,
i still love this day.
when i lived at home, my dad would buy marci and me
a card and flowers
i felt so lucky.
i still feel so lucky.
this year b gave me the most beautiful roses i've ever seen.

i just love love.
and the fact that love is in everything,
not just romantic relationships.
so even if you have no significant other,
remember how lucky you are to have someone.

day 21- a picture of something that makes you happy

santa cruz, the sun, and him.

really all i'll ever need to be happy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

day 20- someone you love

duh :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the bane of my existence

day 19- nicknames you have and why you have them

i really don't have many nicknames.

kel - because it's easy to say.
kelzerz - cause my dad likes to be creative
kell bell - because every kelli/kelly/kellie is nicknamed that.
or kelli belly - to add variety
smelly kelli - because people think it's clever
cow bell - derived from kell bell, but my friend in high school had a cow fettish

i think that's the extent of it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have

attend uvu and get a degree in photography. that would be my dream.
i miss school.

get married. one day :)

have money in my savings, and never have to worry about finances (or debt)

travel europe.

be completely stable in my photography business.

help brandon get through school so that he can get into music recording. it makes him happy.

move to california.

move to canada.

live my life in the healthiest way.

own lots of animals.

visit every single music festival there is to see.

attend a concert (preferably muse) at wembley stadium.

i can't think of anymore off the top of my head.
i'll add more over time.

(ps. doing sooo great on my sugar diet. go, kel!)

Friday, February 4, 2011


because that was such a sentimental post, i felt the need to make other comments in a seperate blog post.
here is my current stream of thoughts:

i decided i hate blogs without pictures.
who likes reading blogs without pictures?
no one. that's who.
so FIRST off:

twin sister.
i basically have the best one in the entire world.
and that's really all there is to it.


my mother.
ALSO the best one in the entire world.
not to mention the cutest.

now that we have that covered,

best ever for sugar cravings.
brandon says i'm tricking my body.
but it's so good!

and also....

brand new - daisy
margot & the nuclear so and so's - the dust of retreat
thrice - alchemy index volume I & II -fire & water- (specifically water)


day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

helen keller.

she's always been my role model.
she's inspired me in absolutely everything.
as you well know, i was born partially blind.
i don't remember anything, but I do know now
what an incredible miracle it is that I can see.

when I was in elementary school,
marci and i had a project where we researched famous women in history
i dressed as helen keller, and she was amelia earhart.
i really wish i could find that picture to post.
it's absolutely horrible. but so funny at the same time.

anyway, i have so much respect for this woman.
i highly recommend researching her life story.
she saw beauty in life without even being able to see.
and was able to listen without hearing.
what could possibly be more inspirational than that?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

day 16- another picture of yourself

what the what?
i got my hair done finally.
died it just a little bit darker so i can go blonde in the summertime.

mmm, summer.

sugar update!
i'm doing so good!
i've hit my goal every day this week so far.
(max of 30g of added sugar a day)
even with the fruit roll-up.

next weekend, it's the melting pot.
so stoked.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 15- put your ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play

here we go!

#1: cee lo green - what part of forever (yes, i have the eclipse soundtrack on my iphone.)
#2: my chemical romance - the kids from yesterday (good song)
#3: the virgins - radio christiane
#4: arcade fire - we used to wait (pretty good new album. not as good as 'funeral' though.)
#5: john mayer - i'm gonna find another you (love him.)
#6: rilo kiley - the good that won't come out. (lovelove)
#7: pheonix - lasso (great. album)
#8: thrice - wood & wire
#9: amanda palmer - leeds united (such an amazing album)
#10: the sounds - goodnight freedy

well, that was fun!

sugar update:
i hardly ate any sugar yesterday! yay me.
i accidentally bought a protein bar thinking of JUST the protein part of it,
and then shortly after realized that there are 12g of sugar in those things,
so i nibbled a tiny bit of it, but that was the extent of it.
i'd say i'm doing pretty darn good.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day 14- a picture of you and your family

k, so i know that Lindsay and Mike are missing from this picture,
but i just HAD to post it. i am not ashamed of the way i looked.
pasty white, boy haircut, glasses and crooked teeth.
i think it's safe to say that jeremy changed quite a bit as well....

but here's an updated version :)
even b is in this one. only one missing is my older brother, Chris.
as you can see, the family has expanded by quite a lot.

love you, familia♥

update! i failed yesterday. i gave in and ate the fruit roll-up.
BUT, today i'm doing great so far.
let's see how long i can last.

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