Tuesday, March 29, 2011

good times!


for the first time since september..

i was able to fill up my gas tank!


this is how kelli's gas tank looks when it's


as you can see, it's a very happy gas tank.
(and a very dusty one, at that.)

and THIS, is how much is costs to have a happy gas tank.

 in case you can't see that, it's roughly 50 bones.
but well worth it.
no one likes a sad gas tank.

Friday, March 25, 2011


tomorrow's the festival of colors and it's...


let's just go ahead and cross THAT off our to do list for tomorrow.

what a bummer.

sometimes, utah, you suck.

okay, so remember how i sliced my finger open a few weeks ago?
i have officially lost some nerve endings in my finger.

what a downer, right?
i actually feel kind of cool saying that i'm numb in one finger.

but it's still kind of sad, right?

oh. i gave up on no blogging.
cause whit was right.
it's my blog, by jingo!

thank you, readers, for staying ever so faithful. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

blogging fanatic.

i think i need to take a break from blogger.
i feel as though i'm reflecting my facebook addiction onto blogger.

it's been a whole week off facebook.


i am.

but now i'm addicted to blogger and it's
bad. bad. bad.

i now have 19 followers (thank you very much)
and i would like to hear from you.

do i post too much?

be honest.
thank you :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


do you think it's super weird that
in my spare time, 
i get myself completely sucked into celebrity twitter(s)?
(what exactly IS the plural of 'twitter' anyway?)

i don't really use twitter all that often
(like, at all)
but i love creeping on other's.

to be more specific,
i'm basically in love with zooey deschanel.
and i have a pretty good feeling that
if she had never become a celebrity,
and by some small chance (try microscopic)
we had grown up in the same neighborhood
we could have become best friends.
and spent afternoons braiding each other's hair.

i know, it's totally silly and unfathomable,
but really.
look at her.


celebrity crush?
i think maybe a little, yes.

Monday, March 21, 2011


okay, okay.
i'll just come right out and say it.

i miss facebook. AHH.

i guess that's confirmation enough that i was, in fact, an addict.

moving on.

yesterday b and i went to dinner to this amazing restaurant in AF.


 it was seriously so yummy.
i used to be a huge sushi fan,
but i've realized i'm more of a standard california roll type of girl.
and let me tell you.
Koi had some amazing california rolls.
but the yummiest thing they offered
was far and away the teriyaki beef bowl.

it was. so. good.

If you've eaten at Tokyo in Lehi,
you'd probably be hesitant to try Koi.
but let me tell you.
it was SO much better.

okay. so now that that's out of the way.
i have another confession.

i think i have an unhealthy addiction to nintendo 64.
really though, who else agrees that:


are the best games EVER?

ugh. i am such a nerd.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New friend.

This is Liz.
Liz & I have fun.

Liz & I met in January of this year.
(but it seems like much longer.)
and next month we'll be (hopefully) moving in together.
I'm excited to get out.
Living with 7 girls isn't my ideal living situation.
As you could probably guess.

And this is Duke :)
Duke's going to be coming along with us
on our little adventure.
I'm excited to see what he future brings.

Friday, March 18, 2011

this week's happenings

this week i became addicted to these books:


by maggie stiefvater.
these books are so good!
AND, the text in the book matches the color of the cover.

the 3rd book,

comes out in july.
i'm so excited :)

this week, i also:

became re-addicted to tutti fruitti and black licorice jelly belly's.

and this week i ALSO:

got to listen to the bane teach zach and abdiel how to play chess
which was needless to say, VERY entertaining.
oh, to be surrounded by testosterone all day.

it's been a pretty good week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


upon second job shopping,
i stumbled up a post that read

"SugarBaby Wanted!"

granted, it doesn't sound like a very professional position
but my curiosity caved and i had to click it.

and this is what it read:

"That's pretty much the story! I am looking for an energetic, sharp young lady who needs to be taken care of.

Could you use a sugar daddy? Even part time or short-term?

Get back to me with your requirements, your situation, and a photo, and let's get you (and me) happy!

And please try to place "Sugar Baby" in the title of your reply, so I can sort you from the spam!"

So there you have it, ladies.
if you're in need of a sugar daddy,
i've got your hook-up, right here.

he looks like a REAL keeper.


i deactivated it.
i don't know how long i'll be off of it.
but right now, i don't need it.
it's created so much DRAMA.
especially more recently as it's become a total way of life.

how pathetic is it that something that happens on facebook,
actually determines how you feel?
this has got to stop.

so i'm taking a hiatus.
if you're at the point where facebook is controlling your life
stop. using. it.


Monday, March 14, 2011

money makes the world go 'round.

it sucks how true that is.
but it's nice to start getting to a point
where i'm finally telling my money where to go
instead of my money controlling me.

afton marie fullmer,
my best friend from high school
is getting married next weekend.

so weird.

and i couldn't be happier for her.
it really is about time.

the only downside is that
i probably won't be able to go.

"money makes the world go 'round."

i know it sucks now.
and i could easily take out a credit card
and just add it to the loans i'm paying off
but as much of a sacrifice it will be,
i have to pay for everything in cash now.

so as much as i would love to be at her wedding,
and as beautiful as i know she will look
i've gotta keep my priorities in focus.

that being said,
i'm currently looking for a night job.
if ANYone knows of a place that's hiring, let me know!
and pleasepleaseplease advertise my photography.
if you or anyone you know needs a photographer, email me, or post a comment.

thanks :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

current loves?

the aforementioned peeps.

pure ice nail polish.
specifically gray.
but seriously. i love all of their colors.
uh. maze. ing.

cookin' chicken.
no, my chicken doesn't look this beautiful.
but it DOES taste pretty darn good.
all improv, baby.
ok, 55% improv.
still makes me a master chef, right?

in a couple week's time,
my obsessions will have a teensy bit more to do with summer
(queue the bright colored nail polish!)
and less to do with candy.
(ha, as if that's going to happen)
yay summer!

but first i have to snowboard.
then it's on to slip-n-slides.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

day 30- your favorite song

doesn't seem like a very epic question to end on.
my favorite song has been, and always will be:

jesus christ - brand new

it speaks to me in ways no other song does
and it also got me through some difficult times.
as odd as that may seem.
i love it.

well, i'm done!
back to boring old blogging tomorrow.
but hey! i collected 18 followers!
you guys rock :)

can i just tell you how much i love peeps?
and easter candy in general?
it's way too good.
on a totally seperate note,
does someone want to just give me $200?
k cool. thanks.

Monday, March 7, 2011

day 29- in this past month, what have you learned

the most valuable thing i've learned this month:

to just simply be kind.

that's all there is to it.

the other day, this song came on the radio.
it was one of my favorite songs.
one of those "no matter when you hear it, it makes you happy songs."
i thought, hey, i should post a blog about this song!

then a few days passed.
i was driving home from work the other night, and the song came on again.
"hey, i should post about this on my blog!" i thought again.
and then, i kid you not, the song came on AGAIN right after.
twice in a row.
granted, it's a high school station that has many flaws and errors,
but i took it as a sign.

so here it is.
my happy song.

this song is, in short, is about how the world is right now.
we're simply waiting on it to change.
but as you're all aware, the world isn't all going to change all on its own.

if you're sitting there waiting on the world to change,
then you have absolutely no right to complain about how miserable it is.
now, if you're doing something about it.
if you're doing everything within your control to make this place better,
then you're too darn busy to even have time to complain.

it really takes no effort at all to make this world better.
just be kind.

there are people who are happy.
and there are people who are sad.
and don't mistake temporary unhappiness for sadness
because in your heart, you know you're genuinely happy.
but if you are one of the fortunate few who truly is happy,
why not share the wealth?
and instead of letting those sad people make you temporarily unhappy,
you make those sad people permanently happy.

let's not wait on the world to change.
put a smile on your face,
and make the world a better place. :)


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