Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Rilo. Kiley.

So those of you who know me well, probably already know I tend to exaggerate a little bit too much sometimes. But I use absolutely no exaggeration when I say that April 23, 2008 was probably the best night of my entire life. If you know me well, you will also know that Jenny Lewis is probably my biggest obsession as well. She is my music icon, and seeing as music consumes my life, that is a pretty big deal.

Anyway, Jenny Lewis is the lead singer of Rilo Kiley. She also sang in The Postal Service, for those who don't know who Rilo Kiley is. Wednesday night, Jon (who is also in love with Jenny Lewis) and I had the amazing opportunity of seeing Rilo Kiley in a tiny venue. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. We waited for two hours in line to get front row, center and it definitely worked. Jon and I were RIGHT in the front and center. We were practically sitting on the stage, that's how close we were.

Along with Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis' best friend, Morgan's band played first: Whispertown2000. Also an INCREDIBLE band. They had a drummer who not only played in every band that evening, but also played guitar AND drums at the SAME TIME. It was phenomenal! Previous to Whispertown, an artist named Michael Runion played first. He was amazing as well. And all of the bands were friends, so it was awesome to see the connection between them and how they acted together. It was amazing!!!

Then...Jenny Lewis came on stage. And I cannot tell you the overwhelming state of happiness I felt once she started performing. She is absolutely incredible lived. And they played an AMAZING set with all of my favorite songs. For which I was able to grab the set list at the end. w00t! I took a bunch of videos that turned out awesome. I'll try to post them on here too. At one point in the concert, Jenny came and sat on the amp RIGHT next to me. I think that I almost died. And she looked at me and I completely forgot the lyrics. Ugh. It was amazing. She then even sang to Jon and WINKED at him!!! Lucky.

All in all, it was the best night of my life. It was great. The one thing missing was our chance to meet Jenny Lewis, but oh well. I guess you can't win em all. We did, however, get to talk to Morgan and Michael Runion and their band members at the merch desk after the show, so that was pretty cool.

Anyway, I'll post some videos and pictures of the blessed night later. Thanks for reading! Here's a video I would like to dedicate to Marci for right now. Since it's her favorite song :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

So the latest:

I'm sorry that I haven't posted at all in the last month! But to be honest, there is just nothing new in my life. Other than the fact that I am looking for another job. I desperately desperately need one so if anyone knows of any good openings let me know. I'm just not getting enough hours at my new job and it's miserable! So puhhh-leeeease!

Anyway, other than that, there's really nothing new. Other than my latest obsession with Gossip Girl and my EXCITING chance of going to California and seeing Rilo Kiley and visiting my grandma. It should be fun. Anyway...yeahhh, nothing new other than that.

Oh, and I have been quite obsessed with some new bands as of late. Some more than others, but I'll post them from most obsessed to not so much.

The Hush Sound- Goodbye Blues & all other albums
Panic at the Disco- Pretty Odd
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova- The Swell Season
MGMT-Oracular Spectacular

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