Monday, April 21, 2008

So the latest:

I'm sorry that I haven't posted at all in the last month! But to be honest, there is just nothing new in my life. Other than the fact that I am looking for another job. I desperately desperately need one so if anyone knows of any good openings let me know. I'm just not getting enough hours at my new job and it's miserable! So puhhh-leeeease!

Anyway, other than that, there's really nothing new. Other than my latest obsession with Gossip Girl and my EXCITING chance of going to California and seeing Rilo Kiley and visiting my grandma. It should be fun. Anyway...yeahhh, nothing new other than that.

Oh, and I have been quite obsessed with some new bands as of late. Some more than others, but I'll post them from most obsessed to not so much.

The Hush Sound- Goodbye Blues & all other albums
Panic at the Disco- Pretty Odd
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova- The Swell Season
MGMT-Oracular Spectacular


Marie said...

I am glad you told these bands again. I forgot what you said the other night. We will have to check them out. We're always up for new tunes!


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