Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turn it up.

Such. A. Bummer.

So, a couple of months ago my FM transmitter broke. Definitely one of the sadder days of my life. I didn't realize, until that day, how attached I was to that little devise. I've come to realize also, that there really isn't much point to having an 80g iPod either, when you have no place to listen to it. Back in Alaska, when I would walk to work, I used to tow that thing along with me for the 30 minute - hour walk I took each day. Especially on the sunny days. I felt like Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain, when he's just dancing along the street. I'm sure the tourists that were packed into the sidewalks thought I was crazy, but the best part of working in Alaska was that I had the comfort of knowing I would never see those people ever again. So like it even mattered if I did a little happy dance on the way to work each day.

When I got back to Utah, the idea that I would finally be able to blast my music in my car again was just plain thrilling. So I was able to for awhile. Got caught up with all new music (new Brand New, new Muse, New Moon Soundtrack, you know, all the must-haves), and blasted it on my daily commute.

Then, tragedy occurred. And with the death of my transmitter, comes practical death of new music. Aside from the fact that I am now an x96 guru, so I can occasionally catch some new tunes on there, and also, having a best friend who is still very much "in the know" of music (thank you, Kali), I'm practically dead to the music world. I really hope I can afford a new FM transmitter soon. Because I am oh so lost without you.

That being said, I also want to give a shout out to my Baby. Oh, Lexus ES250, you have made it so far without a breakdown. I am just so proud of you. And also, I hope that in saying this, I'm not jinxing anything so that when I go out to my car in 10 minutes, the engine doesn't suddenly shut down. Thanks for being such a dysfunctionally good college student car, and please, oh, please, at least last me a couple more years. Thanks!



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