Monday, June 6, 2011


so sorry, blog world.
it's been quite some time since i last posted.
life has gotten crazy, let me tell you.

some basic updates and excuses as to why i've been away:

i got moved to a new department (I think that's when i disappeared)
i worked in said department for a month.
then i got hired on at pinnacle again part time in the evenings.
then APT laid me off.
then they hired me again back in Triage for the permanent position.
previously i was working through a temp agency.
and now (hopefully) in two months, i'll be hired on at APT.
which equals health benefits, two weeks paid vacation, just plain goodness.
so now i am working at APT from 6am-2:30pm
and then at Pinnacle from 3pm-8pm (hopefully switching to 7pm)
then it's off to bed at 9:30pm.

aka: no room to do anything.
fortunately i have saturday off at APT and only work 10-3 at pinnacle.
and then i get a day off (usually monday) at pinnacle.
So Sunday is pretty much the best day ever.

so that basically sums up the chaos in my life.
i fortunately still get to see b.
and if he moves into the 'bugalow'
(the little house on his dad's company's property, also where b works)
he'll be a 5 minute drive from APT.

In addition to work chaos,
my brother and sister-in-law moved to Seattle this weekend.
I will miss them so incredibly much.
in a nutshell:

they're obviously top 10 cutest family material.
Seattle is really lucky to have them.
And I'm so excited for this new chapter in their lives.
But I will miss them dearly.
I love you, Jor, Marie, Matt, Lucy & Anna.

And that concludes all the prominent changes in my life.
i promise i'll be better at posting.


Pete and Kimmy said...

Wow! You are super busy!! I hope that everything is going well :) Miss you!


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