Thursday, October 13, 2011

holy toledo.

oh my goodness!
so neglectful i have been.
i'm so so sorry.
turns out (shocker of the century) that being engaged is really super time consuming!
who'da thunk.

erego, i've been extremely busy and have had minimal amounts of time to blog update!
(my addiction to pinterest may or may not have something to do with this)
but here i am to update you on all the happenings!
with LOTS of pictures and words.
be prepared!

so much has happened in the last 3 months of this engagement!
my lexus moved on to bigger and better things
(and by better, i mean the engine seized)
may she rest in peace.
this happened to occur the weekend i was planning on going to california with b's family!
so it was a sad little time for me.
let's have a moment of silence for baby.


okay. SO, california trip, you ask??
why, yes! i did go to california for a week.
and i spent it with b's mother, cameron, and elise (the sibz).
it was a BLAST. we spent most of the time on the beach.
everyone swam, whilst i soaked up rays and took artsy pics via hipstamatic.

and then the last night was spent at the happiest place on earth!
yeah, you guessed it. this big D-land.

i'd say we look pretty pumped. and hydrated.
it was so much fun, needless to say.

and of course b decided to sit in the front of splash mountain
which he wasn't very happy about..

but then the sibz came in and saved the day!

and then we ended the day on mine and lis' favorite ride:

as you can tell from my effervescent state of bliss.
don't mind b stressing about his lost sunglasses.

anyway, so after an amazing weekend in california,
i then headed to washington to shoot my friend, ryan's and malorie's wedding!

which was super awesome!
congratulations, you beautiful couple, you!

then it was all back to work at my new job in provo.
back to the call center thang, but it's a job. and i love the people i work with, so hey, i'll take it!
AND the bonus is that they're letting me take off 2 1/2 weeks for the wedding/honeymoon.

anyway, then i had my birthday on september 24th.
some slightly negative events took place on that date,
however, i DID purchase a semi-reliable vehicle for $1,000.
happy birthday to me :)
it's a 1992 honda accord with 265,000 miles on it
which, for $1,000, is a pretty darn good deal.
and it runs pretty smoothly with hardly any problems!

anyway, we celebrated my birthday on the 25th.
and having the sweetest fiance that i do, he got me a real pearl necklace.
then he took me to rodizio for dinner,
followed by the lion king in 3D.
which is only my favorite disney movie ever.
it was a pretty great birthday.

and NOW here i am, with only just over more 3 weeks until i become mrs. leavitt.
there's still so so much to do.
but i'll blog more about that at another time.
well, thank you for letting me unload the last 3 months to you!

lovelovelove you.
and if you haven't already, follow me on pinterest!


Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Not very many pictures, MISSY! I expected more, sheish! Us LeBaron's and our expectations, always getting let down the hard way. HA! I'm just playin', kinda. I love you and I'm getting all excited for the upcoming events, may they be smooth and we hope.

whit said...

you are so overdue for this update! lovedit! aaaand....umm, less than 2 weeks! oh-em-gee. can't wait to see y'all! much LOVE!

Anonymous said...

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