Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Alive!

Sorry it keeps taking me so long to post blogs. Life has been absolutely crazy lately. Definitely the craziest it's been in months. Maybe even years. Haha. Anyways, I'm back to blog about it, so do not fear.

Well, this last weekend I was finally able to get my car back. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE to have it back. I don't know how I got along so well without it. However, I still ride the bus to school. I'm just going to park my car at the bus station and then take the bus from there. Because it A: Saves gas and B: Saves money I would otherwise spend on a school parking permit.

As of late, work has been killing me. It doesn't help that my sleeping schedule is extremely off. It's terrible! I go to bed at 2, and then wake up at 7 and that is about the most amount of sleep I will get. Other times I might only get 3 hours of sleep. Like last night, for instance. I shouldn't be complaining. It's my fault for setting it up that way, but I don't get tired until late anymore. And a certain boy in California is only online after 1:00 AM anyway, so it's the only time he's available to talk. Rather unfortunate.

Anyway, it wouldn't be so bad if my manager didn't expect so much from me now. As of late, she's been making me come in right after school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It's absolutely killing me. I feel like I have no time for anything. And good thing I haven't had any big assignments, because I would be dead right now were that the case. Because of this, my day goes as follows:

School and/or work: 7:30-3:30
Go home and take a nap: 4-6 or 7.
Do whatever work I have to do: 7-9.
Hang out with Kali: 9-1.
MSN: 1-2.

Pretty moronic of me, I guess. I really should get more sleep. And I think I am going to get another job, because financially, I'm not doing so well. I make about 265 every 2 weeks. Which isn't even what the cost of rent is. So I have about 250 to spend on things that are necessary like gas and food, etc. It's hardly enough to get me by if I'm going to start paying cell phone bills and stuff like that as well as school. So I really do need another job. And more sleep. Haha.

Other than all of this, I am extremely happy with life. Having a car back makes me feel like I'm independent again. It's a good feeling.

Well, I promise to keep blogging. I am such a slacker! But I will catch up. I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!



Lindsay Taft said...

A certain boy in Cali, eh? How come I haven't heard anything from your lips about this yet, sis? (that's not to say I haven't heard anything from someone else's, though...
Let's chat soon!

Make and Takes said...

I wish I could schedule a nap in for my day. I could use one from 4-6 or 7 too!!!


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