Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well, my camera has officially been brought back to life! I am so so happy! Yesterday I went out and did a photo shoot with one of my good friends, Rachel. It was so great. I missed that feeling so much. Being behind my beautiful camera. Anyway, I'll post some of those pictures on here. And if anyone wants pictures taken, you know where to find me! I guarantee my face will most likely be behind my lens for quite some time now.


Ryan said...

You love that pole don't you...aww fer cute

Make and Takes said...

Good to hear about your camera. I am excited for you to get more into it. What fun.

Jan said...

Cute pictures, Kell! You need to put all the family black and white pictures you've taken. I love the ones of the LeBaron boys as well as the ones of Mack and Mason. Do you have a way of posting them?

jlchristblog said...

hi kelli!!!
remember me??? i love the direction you are taking with photography, keep it up! we had our second daughter 3 months ago, you can see pics of her on our family blog:

Take care!!!!!!!!! lindsay from vancouver

i'll be checking your blog now : )

lindsay taft said...

Yeah for you! Fun photos - keep them comin', sis!


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