Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I really suck miserably at posting blogs. But so much has been going on in my life that I just never have time to post. Life is growing increasingly stressful by the day. And it's gotten to the point where my life is consumed by other people's problems. It's getting to an unhealthy point, so here I am. Back again. Getting involved in my own life again. Sooo, hello blogger world! I hope everyone is doing well! I'm getting my life back on track currently, so as of now I don't really have much to post about as of now. But hopefully over time my blogs become alot more purposeful.

Oh! Jon came to visit a couple weeks ago and that was a lot of fun. We hung out a lot at his friend, Alex's apartment. And slowly we all became really good friends. And seeing as Alex lives at the same complex as kali, we all hang out a lot.

So in the end, Alex and I ended up recording a cover of First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes and it turned out sooo good! And now we want to record a bunch of covers together. It's awesome!

Anyway. That's all the news I have! I hope all is well with everyone!



jtothebell said...

i like how we hung out, but i hate how you stole my spot in all the songs i was going to record with alex ;)

i plan on stealing him back in a month.

good luck with all your other various stressors <3

h2oetry said...

Where can I hear your recording of the Bright Eyes cover?

Ryan said...

Thank goodness you fixed your sucking at posting blogs problem


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