Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day.

Every Valentines Day I tend to care less and less about this ridiculous holiday. Previous to this V-day, I have set out to find at least SOMEone who will be my valentine. In the end I always do, but they're generally best guy friends who have no motive to even wish me 'Happy Valentines Day," Which led me to this year. This year I decided I was going to boycott Valentines Day and turn it solely into Single Awareness Day, where Kali and I spend the evening playing Wave Racer on N64 and wear lots and lots of black.

However, my plan this year has failed miserably. It seems as though when you're perfectly happy doing one thing, the opposite thing comes into play. Grrr. So this year, I had 2 dozen red roses delivered to my door. And reading the card, there's only one boy I know who would put "meh" in a part that's supposed to be sincere :) haha. So then I realized that I have way TOO many valentines this year. I set out with the sole purpose of just having one. And then I couldn't say no to all of them. Yes, I know. I'm a terrible person. But Kali didn't have one, so she became my female valentine, and then Jon was the one I wanted to begin with, so I asked him. And now he's my long distance valentine "/ And thennn Ryan asked and well, I couldn't say no. It's not like I already have a Provo valentine anyway. And then I decided to just screw it all and accept that I'm not going to be able to limit myself to just one. So now Dan's my ward valentine and Brandon's my best friend valentine.

All in all, I'm a terrible person for not having just one Valentine. But I figure, I'm not dating any of them so why tie myself down? K, that's really not what I'm thinking. I guess I'm mostly just thinking, Valentines Day should stay Single Awareness Day, because in my opinion, that's all Provo is anyway; Single. So I give up on trying to stand out with a relationship when I fit in so well without one :D

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines/ Single Awareness Day! Eat lotsandlots of candy! :D


Ryan said...

It was 3 dozen and MEH was who it was from...shhh it's still secret

♥ Kalifornia ♥ said...

Thanks for letting the world know I'm a loser. I really appreciate it.

jtothebell said...

its ok kali, that makes like 7 of us.

Kelli LeBaron said...

Hey. Hey. I admitted to being a terrible person. It's not like I didn't put it out there already.

And DUHHH Kal, you were my first valentine. So at the time, I didn't have one either. Pshh.

Anonymous said...

kelli i wanted to make it cuddles day but oh well

Jan said...

Cute Kell! Who is Ryan and 3 DOZEN ROSES my darlin'?!!!! Aren't you the pampered one. Although Dad did get me beautiful white roses that sat in my hotel room until they looked, "oh so sad"! I miss you ,sweetie! xoxo


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