Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Reason I Don't Post Often.

I never. get comments.

Shout out to Annie for taking the time to read. Thank you! :D

However, I've decided to temporarily set aside my bitterness and post a little bit of updates.

So I quit the movie theatre, thank GOODness. And I just got hired on today as part of the Victoria's Secret team! So, that's pretty exciting, I think. Wow...And now posting this, I realize there's not a whole lot exciting going on in my life.  My day mainly consists of Flirty Aprons, now Victoria's Secret and Brandon. And then occasionally Kali or Camille and my roommates.

But no matter how boring it sounds, life has been fantastic as of late. I'm just so happy with how life is going! And I couldn't be happier spending all my time with Brandon, even if it means sitting on blogger while he watches TV or plays video games. I guess I just really enjoy spending time with him :)

Hummm...other than that, I'm super excited for Thanksgiving! Even if it's still pretty iffy as to where I'm eating...I just love the holidays! And I guess the best and most promising part is that I'll get pretty good commission. haha. 

Oh OH. And I'm dying my hair back to brown! It was nice having it blonde for awhile, but I think I'm just meant to be a brunette. Not only that, but once it grows out, I can let it grow out at least 2 inches before dying it again, let alone less than an inch.

Well...this blog has been rather scattered, I just felt the need to share.

OH and ALSO. If anyone thinks Marci LeBaron Watson should begin blogging as well, I'm starting a petition on my comment wall so that she can stop avoiding the trend for all married women and finally just succumb to it.

kthanks. Hope everyone is having a great night!



Ryan said...

I still check this ish daily, I just don't comment :).

I believe Marci can do what she wants, but she will eventually have a blog.

Jordan said...

Maybe post more often and we'd comment more often. BTW - You don't dye your hair, you color your hair - geez!

Marci said...

Hey! I comment every once in awhile. That was a pretty funny blog though. Thanks for including me in there, didn't expect it. Still...No on the whole blog thing, but I will surely comment on all your blogs if that's what will keep you going. Anyways, so you spend ALL your time with Brandon, but have no time at all to come visit me? C'mon, I'm your twin Kelli. At least surprise me or something!

Lindsey Boskovich said...

I THINK THAT MARCI SHOULD GET A BLOG TOO!!! I have been trying to talk her into getting one for the longest time! but for some reason she thinks that she is too cool for it. And i think that you shouldn't hanging out with her until she gets one. :) So Marci, Kelli is going to continue spending all her time with Brandon until you shape up and get a blog. :) So if you really want to spend time with your twin you will get a blog. By getting a blog you will be showing her your love for her. :)

Jack (h2oetry) said...

1. You should blog more often(as should I) regardless of comments. If a tree falls down in a forest and no one sees it, it doesn't matter if it makes a sound - it will be used as firewood for someone, someday.

2. Marci should NOT blog. Sorry, but I am anti-mommy blogs. I am not anti mommies who blog - but when they are all that cookie cutter version that talks about the twilight book or the twilight movie or the twilight whatever - i just can't stomach them.

3. Holla back Kells Bells!

jtothebell said...

Marci should blog. marci should blog. marci should blog. anyway. i also still read from time to time. but i fail at my own blog. after i interviewed a friend of the family for a career exploration assignment, at his suggestion im thinking of starting a video blog/podcast thing. this comment has ADD. bad.

Annelisa said...

You must continue the blog! I also second the motion that Marci should start a blog. Eventually you will succumb to pressure and cross over. :)

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Ok. I'M OFFICIAL! I'm a blogger Kelli. I hope you're happy!

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

You change your background, but you dont post anymore. I know I stink at posting, but all your posts are what keeps me going in this blogging world, so keep it up. AAnd...where did you get that darling background sis?

All About Austins said...

I read it!! and I think she should blog. MARCI!! BLOG!


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