Sunday, April 11, 2010

Engagement Season

Apparently it's arrived?? Good news for me! I've been getting some bites here and there for engagements and weddings. I'm pretty excited about it.

Also, I finally hit the 100 mark on my fan page! exciting, right? If you haven't done so already, pleasepleaseplease become a fan here!

Oh, AND I finally created a website. Well - blog, more like. But it's getting there. :) If you're a follower of my blog, please also follow me on that one! I'd really love the support. You can find that website here.

I'm pretty excited about it. And my new logo. :D Which was designed by myself! It's nothing too fancy, but I think I like it much better than its predecessor. Anyway, I'm on the verge of working out something regarding a legitimate flash website with the help of my wonderful friends Michelle & William Atkinson. Hopefully it works out. If not, I'll stick with my makeshift blog site. Which I don't think is TOO bad.

On a more personal note, tonight I saw "How to Train Your Dragon." Excellent movie. I would highly recommend it. Also, I start my job at Pinnacle on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited about it. And I'm also really excited to be done working at the portrait studio. At Pinnacle, I'll be working virtually all day Tuesday-Saturday. I'm thinking I might try to get a permanent Wednesday or Thursday off as well so that I have more leeway as far as photo sessions go.

Well, that's life up to date! Hope all is right with the rest of you.




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