Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello, world.

Needless to say, I've been very inactive on my blog site for the last couple of weeks. Chances are, this is how it's going to be for awhile due to my internet not working. I currently check the internet about every 2-3 days on Jeremy's computer. So Ill try to write something every once in awhile, but here's my update.

Life has been pretty crazy! And October is definitely one of the busier months out of my year! Having facebook makes it nearly impossible for me to have an outside social life. Mainly because there are constantly invites going around for parties every night, almost. And aside from that, my dating life has picked up a little bit too. It seems like whenever I want it to calm down, it always picks up. But when I want it to speed up, it comes to a complete stop! Anyway.

Since this is the only organized place I have in my life right now (sad, I know, right?), I'm going to post my calendar as far as dates and events go. Just assume that I work every week day from 11:30-3:30. And go to class on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-9:45 am.


13th (9:30-1am): Goth Prom
16th (time unknown): Triple date with Andy, Kalin and Jeremy at the Haunted House.
17th (time unknown): Date with Nick
18th (8-11:55): Merch desk at the Kid-You-Nauts
19th (10-2am): Hallowfunkaween dance party
20th (time unknown): Haunted house with Andy Rafn and friends
26th (7-12am): Llama Palooza
27th (7-12am): Rachel's halloween party

And for some reason the dates just build up as the days go by.
anyways. Other than that Im working alot and going to school. Life is crazy! But Im working on figuring out my living situation for the winter or maybe just spring. Or both. Im not sure. I might move into a house with my good friend, Kimmy west. Or an apartment. Or move into an apartment with my friends, Rachel, Nancy and Chelsea. Hmmm. its all up in the air right now. But we'll see what happens. Anyways.

Just so everyone knows, Halloween is my second favorite holiday of all time. I love it so so so so sooooo much! I love haunted houses and corn mazes as well. Just the entire idea of it. Anyway. I shall be back to write more later. But I hope everyone has a marvelous week and that they take this time to enjoy this wonderful holiday!

Happy Halloween, everyone!



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