Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Insomniatic mess.

Yes, that is me at this current moment.
Im sick and have officially lost my voice, yet I am unable to sleep. perfect timing for my insomnia to occur, right? Oh well.

I have a lot on my mind. And Im realizing it more and more these days. I went to my oldest brother, Chris' house to visit him and his family (his wife and 6 boys) on Sunday. It was such an amazing experience. Im so glad I decided to go. Chris and Becky both helped me make clear of alot of things in my life that have been confusing me.

I have a lot of choices to make, but the more I pray about it and trust in God about it, the more answers I will receive. I have a hard time putting trust in other people's hands. Mainly because of experiences I have been in with other people, but I need to realize that God is constant, and no matter what decision I make, he will be there helping me make the choices he feels are best for me.

I've been really confused as to what Im doing with school, work, dating, and living. But these are things, and I am just now realizing this, that I shouldn't stress about. I know that with time it will all make sense. I have such an amazing life with such incredible people in it, and I need to realize that more often.

Anyway. Here are some "news" updates.

This last Saturday, I went with Kali and Laura to see Across the Universe. As most of you know I have a pretty interesting taste in movies. So it should be understandable that I absolutely loved this movie. However, I wouldn't advise it for anyone who doesn't like modern day musicals or completely bizarre films. It was such a refreshing and new idea for me. I loved it. Though, on the other side of the spectrum, I can see why people would say that they didn't like it. Ratings have become very loose, needless to say, and there are two scenes when you see nudity that should only be acceptable in an R rated movie. People who are sensitive to scenes such as this, most likely would not approve of it as well as the other bizarre scenes that for some people, make little to no sense. In any case, I am a huge Beatles obsessor and I absolutely loved the film. I would see it again in a heartbeat, however, maybe next time with a group of people who aren't so completely repulsed and weirded out by the obscurity of this movie.

On another note, friends come in and out constantly in my life, so I feel I need to catch some people up on the people I spend most of my time with.

Other than my roommates [Annelisa High, Anna Keddington, Michelle Phipps, Erin Cunningham, and Christina Adreadakis], I've categorized my best friends into groups:

Afton Fullmer [My 'emo' best friend: clearly I never see Afton seeing as she lives in Washington, but she will always be my best friend. And it's pretty obvious as to why she's categorized the way she is. hahah.]

Kali Harris [My fashion-obsessed best friend: Probably the person I spend most of my time with, when she or I aren't working or going to school. We've definitely had our downfalls, but I love her to death. Her category is pretty obvious as well.]

Hillery Hathaway [My indie best friend: when im not with Kali, she's my other female companion. I pretty much tell her everything. And I love her ever ever so much.]

Brandon Leavitt [My boy best friend. haha. he holds this title proudly. He holds this title mostly because he knows pretty much everything about me. We've been through alot together, and because of him, I've been through experiences I needed to be the person I am today.]

Amy George [My hardcore best friend: Basically she has all the same musical interests as me. As well as everything else. Im so glad she came into my life, we're soul mates. we're eachother's other halves. I love her to death and am excited to see what the future holds.]

Anyways, thats a wrap. Tonight, I got the Across the Universe Soundtrack and the Bone Palace Ballet Album [Chiodos] from Brandon. I have a feeling that Ill be listening to both non stop for the next month. Oh well, bring it on! I need to prep myself for Chiodos in Vegas on the 2nd anyway. W00t. Life is good.

Everyone have a good night! I love you all.



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