Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's true. In my desperate attempts to find a job, I am now employed in a High School job.

I work. In. a. movie. theatre.

If I feel like my life sucks now, just think of how I'm going to feel after Saturday.
In all honesty, I was really excited about this job at first. I really did want it.

However, cleaning aisles, vomit, feces, and selling popcorn whilst making desperate attempts to upsale the customer for SIX dollars and FIFTY-FIVE cents and Hour, definitely does not sound like the ideal job. Not only that, but I also have to purchase a 30 dollar uniform. Seriously? Ugh. And although I came into this thinking that it will only be a temporary thing, A: I don't know HOW long my germophobia is going to hold out on me with the nasty things I may very well run into, and B: The economy doesn't seem very willing to just give me a break and hire me onto a good babysitting for two adorable children. (I've not yet met them, that's just what the ad said...)

Oh OH. And another pessimistic factor, they're moving a brand new Cinemark Theater within 3 miles, and so they get 55% of the movies, while we only get 45%. Not only does that mean we don't get good movies, thus bad business, but the even worse thing is that IIII don't get to see those movies for FREE! What is this world coming to??

Anyways. I doubt this rant of negativity towards movie theaters is going anywhere good. I should be grateful I have a job. Sigh. Bleh. Ugh. And I suppose I will try. But I figured I would let you know so that you could feel sorry for me and stuff. Anyways! Life will get better, I assure you.

Besides, Tomorrow's HALLOWEEN!! ...and I need a costume. Hmm. But I hope everyone has a good one! Goodnight!



B said...

Ummm, Kel.... don't you work for Carmike Cinemas, not Cinemark? Just wondering...

Annelisa said...

OH I guess you will never look at a movie theater the same again. :)The cool thing about this job is you get to explore the deep hidden corners of the movie theater. I always wanted to go up to the projector room. When I was job hunting I picked up an application there too! So there you have it, another plus is...we think alike!


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