Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So, me and my friend, Camryn, are starting a musical project.
I wouldn't call it a band just yet, because Im still iffy about all of it, but the song writing process is coming along pretty well and im pretty excited about it. We've got half a song written, and Ill attempt to post the recorded version once I finish, but yep. There's that.

Also, I've been very frustrated with dating lately. And texting. Haha. Lame combination, I know, but it's true.

Boys for the reason that in this week alone, I had "the talk" with a boy who I never thought I would ever have to do that with. I don't understand where it randomly came from. But there they were. BAM. I don't even know why I had the talk. Mostly because...Uhhhh. I did nothing to bring it on. Haha. Long story. But yes. The boys I am attracted to show little to no interest, and of course there has to be a boy to throw you off balance showing he very much so wants to date you, when you don't have the same feelings in return.

Anyway, texting. I'm so tired of it. You waste so much time on it. Not only that, but you text someone saying "what's up?" or whatever, and you receive no response. It's frustrating! Esepecially if it's someone you like. And then you waste even more time wondering why they don't just text you back. Texting is a mystery to me. It's an extreme love/hate relationship that Im not sure I can handle. But I do anyways. Because I love and hate it. Oh well, I think texting will always be a mystery.

However, my goal this week is to not text anyone unless I am texted first and see if I get by without it. Im tired of feeling frustrated when they dont text back. So instead, I shall wait and see what the outcome of the solution is.

Anyways, I am now off to bed. Goodnight everyone!



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