Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh me, oh my.

Well, because I am ever so ecstatic about what is to occur tomorrow, I decided to post a blog about it.

So tomorrow, my good friend, Jack Attack Whipple [if you knew him, you'd know why we call him Jack Attack. In fact, it's more of an understatement than anything] is to be baptised tomorrow! I am very very excited. And also, my dear dear friend, miss Hillery Hathaway is to be speaking at the baptism, which I am also excited for. Overall...Im just excited.

ALSO. Miss Hillery and her band, the Elizabethan Report [Which I am now officially known as a groupie for the band] won Battle of the Bands tonight!!!! AHHH. It was an eventful night for all and everyone played wonderfully. Then we enjoyed a refreshing slurpee at grand old 7-11 as well as a nice little chat with my buddy, Raj. This event followed with a viewing of possibly the most messed up movie I have ever seen. 28 Days Later. Which suprisingly...I think I may have liked.

And now, my time has come to hit the hay.
Tomorrow is a loooong long day.
Goodnight, friends



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