Sunday, November 4, 2007

News Updates

Well...there's really nothing new to write about, actually. But I just felt like writing because I've been slacking on it. Even though Jack's probably the only one who ever reads these. Kudos, Jack Jack.

But in case the family IS, in fact, reading this, or anyone else for that matter, I took my car in to get fixed finally! YEAH! So hopefully I get it back next weekend. I feel so completely naked without it. It's very sad how much I depend on that automobile. Especially for all the hell it's put me through. Haha.

Anyway, Halloween was awesome. Every event that occured previous to midnight anyway...Trick or Treating with my nephews was SO much fun. Ill post some pictures of it later. And then I went to some dance parties and went from Pam to an 80's girl. Much easier costume to dance in might I add.

Also, I decided that Im going back into photography at UVSC. Im going to try to get into the program and do well for once. Seeing as I've so obviously not done that in the past. Im still going to work at Nu Skin. I absolutely love that job. Even though last week my manager was VERY onery. But my hours are supposed to pick up for Christmas and if they slow down again after that, I'll just work another side job.

I'm having a hard time in the housing department, however. I desperately want to move from Raintree to some place in downtown Provo. Almost all of my friends live down there and it would be so much more convenient just to live down there. Namely a house. So if anyone knows of any open spaces left, pleeease let me know. I would really love to move in.

Well, that's that. If anything else comes up, Ill be sure to let you know!



h2oetry said...

Kudos received...

You should move into Vacant Utopia... I don't know who is there anymore, but it's probably some family...

Houses are the best

Jon said...

i dont know if i get kudos or not, but i saw the link on your facebook and read an entry from time to time.

♥ Kali ♥ said...

hey hooker I read your blog.


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