Wednesday, March 23, 2011

blogging fanatic.

i think i need to take a break from blogger.
i feel as though i'm reflecting my facebook addiction onto blogger.

it's been a whole week off facebook.


i am.

but now i'm addicted to blogger and it's
bad. bad. bad.

i now have 19 followers (thank you very much)
and i would like to hear from you.

do i post too much?

be honest.
thank you :)


deborah said...

i get it. if i'm in--i'm all in. you too? and i've been obsessing about some blog post i read yesterday. not a good one, either. i'm now having conversations about that in my head--about the smallness and superiority in her words. her very wrong words. does that make me a blogging lunatic? i don't want to know. ;)

whit said...

it's YOUR blog. you can do what you want, you know? i say post when you feel like it. carry on!


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