Wednesday, March 16, 2011


i deactivated it.
i don't know how long i'll be off of it.
but right now, i don't need it.
it's created so much DRAMA.
especially more recently as it's become a total way of life.

how pathetic is it that something that happens on facebook,
actually determines how you feel?
this has got to stop.

so i'm taking a hiatus.
if you're at the point where facebook is controlling your life
stop. using. it.



deborah said...

don't even know how i landed here, but you are speaking my language. wrote a fb note a few weeks ago because of the same thing. oh and i love peeps. only yellow chicks and pink bunnies. i'm a purist. :)

whit said...

sometimes i go on a HATEFACEBOOK spree too. it can be ridiculous. life is much simpler and better when you DON'T know everything and see every little thing everyone is up to. good for you. loves!


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