Wednesday, March 16, 2011


upon second job shopping,
i stumbled up a post that read

"SugarBaby Wanted!"

granted, it doesn't sound like a very professional position
but my curiosity caved and i had to click it.

and this is what it read:

"That's pretty much the story! I am looking for an energetic, sharp young lady who needs to be taken care of.

Could you use a sugar daddy? Even part time or short-term?

Get back to me with your requirements, your situation, and a photo, and let's get you (and me) happy!

And please try to place "Sugar Baby" in the title of your reply, so I can sort you from the spam!"

So there you have it, ladies.
if you're in need of a sugar daddy,
i've got your hook-up, right here.

he looks like a REAL keeper.


whit said...

HA! wow.

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

This is so funny, I think I tinkled my pants. Ok, it wasn't that funny. BUT, I love randomness.

Jojo said...

Woohoo! Sign me right up!

...just kidding. ;)


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