Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Concert obsession.

Shiny Toy Guns. What an incredibly band to see live. They really are an incredible band. And currently, they are the band I listen to non-stop and am unable to listen to anything else. Anyway, they are amazing. I'm not sure where they place out of all of the concerts I've seen, but they were definitely up there. I went up with Hillery and James and the traffic was TERRIBLE. We also accidentally cut Brandon off while driving up...Oops! Haha. We were also late to see my friends play [Victim Effect] and Love You Long Time. We were however, able to make it for Ihatekate. And put it nicely...they weren't very talented. Then Datarock came on. But I wasn't a huge fan of them, while Hillery and James were. I ended up hanging out with Rachel the whole time, which was way fun. Thennnn, the Shiny's were up in all their glory! Yeah! We were way in the middle of the mosh pit, but Rach felt dizzy, so she left before they started playing. I stayed in for the first song [Starts With One] where we had a hardcore dance party with Dawn [of Victim Effect] and friends. It was incredible. But I felt like I should head back after that and stay with Rachel as much as I wanted to be in the mosh pit. Anyway, we left early to beat traffic and because Hill and James weren't big fans of the Shiny's live. It made me sad, but that's okay. We missed the traffic by a long shot which was good.

Now I shall list the concerts I've seen in order from best to worst.

1. Blaqk Audio [Sept. 07']
2. 30 Seconds to Mars [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
3. Shiny Toy Guns [Dec. 07' Nightmare Before Christmas]
4. The Used [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
5. Brand New [Mar. 07']
6. Dashboard Confessional [Aug 07' Jamboree]
7. The Format [Aug 07' Jamboree]
8. All American Rejects [Aug 04']
9. Fall Out Boy [ha] [Aug 04']
10. The Hush Sound [Aug 04']
11. The Aquabats [Aug 07' Jamboree]
12. Saosin [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
13. Hawthorne Heights [Aug 04']
14. Evaline [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]
15. Datarock [Dec. 07' Nightmare Before Christmas]
16. Ihatekate [Dec. 07' Nightmare Before Christmas]
17. Colbie Collait [Aug. 07' Jamboree]
18. From First to Last [Aug. 04']
19. Senses Fail [Mar. 07' Taste of Chaos]

Concert obsessed? A little.



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