Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Today I realized

That Kali and my brother are the only people who frequently read my blog entries.
How sad is that. But way to be supportive, yeah!

Anyway, today I came to conclusion. I am absolutely obsessed with cuddling.
And I think that if I had to choose one place I wanted to be more than anywhere else, it would be on a warm bed or couch snuggled closely to something. Whether it's a person or the side of the couch. I came to this conclusion when I woke up this morning on my couch. [My apartment is freezing] and I took my blanket at snuggled to the corner of the couch. I think that is one of my favorite feelings in the world. And I also think that I would rather cuddle with a boy than kiss. Not just regular cuddling. But the cuddling where you feel really secure and they're holding you really tight. I love being warm and feeling happy all at the same time.

I miss that. Anyway.
I'm headed off to work now. Only 18 more days until break! And then I don't have to work until January 2nd! Yeah! And I'm getting paid for all of break which will be nice. Anyway, I'm off. Have a good day!



h2oetry said...

Your realization is incorrect

Ryan said...

Yeah, I still read them

Lindsay said...

Whatever, sis, I check your blog everyday, I just haven't left a comment yet. That is, every day since last week when I randomly typed in your url, hoping you hadn't been too original w/ your blog name. You dork - you never told me you had a blog, and when you mentioned it over at Chris and Beck's during Thanksgiving, you said you'd e-mail me your url; nope, I had to get creative, but like I said, not too creative... I absolutely love reading your blog, and I've told this to you before, but you have a talent for writing that I envy; you're incredible!

PS I've read ALL your entries; see, I love you, too!

Jan said...

me too....I'll be reading them everyday! And, Lindz, you're right; your lil sis can write!

grandma jani said...

why does my username keep changing from "grandma jani" too "jan"?


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