Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years Eve!

Well, I'm in Washington and I how I missed it so.
Sometimes I wish more than anything I could move back. But I know that Utah's where God wants me for now.
However, I decided that I'm going to apply to BYU-I. And if I get accepted, I'm going to pray really hard about if I should go there. It would be so nice to finally get out of Provo. And Stevie and I would be there together which would be really awesome. But of course, It's a matter of prayer, really.
So we'll see.

Anyway. Home is wonderful. Besides the whole falling out Afton and I have had...which is...different. But I'm alright with it. Stevie, Camille, Turner and Daniel are all here. And they make Washington home to me. I miss them. Camille's going to be moving to Provo to be with Kali and me. It will be sooo much fun.
But anyway.

I don't really have plans tonight. Probably just hang out with the group or something. We'll see.
But I would now like to post a review on the best movie I've seen in years. And possibly the best movie I've seen in my entire life.

The movie is called Juno. And if you haven't seen it, you definitely should. I don't want to give anything away other than the fact that it's about a girl that gets pregnant at age 16. I promise it's not as boring or cliche as it sounds. It was an incredible film and I would recommend anyone to see it. It's a very low budget film, which I am kind of partial too anyway, but even if I wasn't, it was definitely the most well made, realistic movie I have ever seen. And Jordan and Marie will most likely come to appreciate the soundtrack as well because it's very Indie based. I have been listening to it for the last 2 days.

Anyway. Point being, Juno was an incredible movie and I would advise absolutely anyone and everyone to watch it.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve!

Oh, and I love you, Grandma!


Ryan said...

If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee :)

Kelli LeBaron said...

Here is the church and here is the steeple, we sure are cute for two ugly people.

lindsay taft said...

Hey, Sis - I'm happy you're enjoying yourself, only I'm going to miss you tonight (we're doing New Year's Fondue at Chris and Beck's). I'm glad to finally hear some feedback on Juno - we've been wanting to see it, but didn't know if it was any good - we actually saw P.S. I Love You last night (John and Dixie watched the boys so we could have a date night) and it was such a great chick-flick - sooo good, and such a tear jerker. You'd definately like it! Well, I love you lots!

PS Good luck on the whole BYU Idaho thing. I know I LOVED being at Ricks, and I'm sure you'd love it, too (that is, if it's where you're supposed to be right now). I know you'll make the right decision!

Marie said...

I have been wanting to see Juno. And thanks for the soundtrack shout-out. I will have to take a listen.

♥ Kali ♥ said...

I'm so excited to see that movie.
Great Review.

Happy New year!


I read your blog.
hee hee.


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