Saturday, December 1, 2007

Facts of Life.

So Kali did this and so did practically the rest of her family, I figured I'd do it as well.
I decided to post 7 random facts about myself.

#1: Quite a few people know this about me...okay, pretty much EVERYONE knows this about me, but I have a sad sad addiction with wint-o-green mints. I trail wrappers after me everywhere I go. Literally. All current residences in my old apartments have complained to me that they still find wrappers hidden in places. Very sad. Fortunately they are all my friends and would never truly be mad at me for that. This addiction started a little over a year ago. Hopefully one day it will stop. I'm hoping it will somehow replace my nail biting habit.

#2: I have a newfound obsession with Jenny Lewis. I feel it is extremely unhealthy. A: Because any major obsession is unhealthy. and B: Because Jenny Lewis is in fact, a woman. But how could anyone NOT love her?? She's a freaking musical genius. She's the reason that I aspire to learn how to play guitar and sing even better. If you don't know who Jenny Lewis is, she's the little actress who plays the daughter of the girl's scout leader in Troop Beverly Hills. More currently, she is the lead singer of the band, Rilo Kiley. and also was in the band, Postal Service. Anyway, I decided to post all of Jenny Lewis' best songs. So there you go.

#3: I wish more than anything that I could go to hair school. I don't care where or when. I just desperately want to. I know that I could do "a lot better things with my talent" but that is one thing that I have always loved doing. I am constantly cutting, dying, or highlighting my hair. It may not be healthy, but maybe if I could work on other's people hair, I wouldn't focus so much on my own. Anyway, it may or may not happen. We'll see.

#4: I have obsessive compulsive disorder. It's not as severe as I make it out to be because it's been proven that OCD is the most common disorder in America. And I think everyone has it in different forms. My OCD is mostly with my car. And cleanliness. I can't stand having my windshield dirty. And if part of my car is immaculate, the rest of my car has to be the same way. Also, when I park, my wheels have to be straight. With cleanliness, everything has to be completely messy or absolutely perfect. It can never be in between. If I start it, I have to finish it. That's pretty much it, except for some other minor things.

#5: I am constantly painting my finger nails...constantly. I think my longest record of not painting them was one week. And that's because every color I paint them, my parents hate. So over Thanksgiving break, I refrained. I'm pretty sure Kali got me stuck on this fetish about a year ago. In high school, I would constantly paint my nails black because I wanted to fit in with the emo kids. And now the colors range between black, white, lime, pink, blue, and silver. And anything else that suits my fancy. Usually the colors last from 1-2 days and then I just cycle through them.

#6: I am absolutely in love with anything fashion oriented. I may not have the cutest clothes. In comparison to Kali Harris, anyway. But I have severe ISD. Yes...yes, it's true. I have Impulsive Shopping Disorder. If I see anything at all that I think is even remotely cute, I WILL buy it. It is a very sad addiction and I am sure many of you out there suffer from the same thing.

#7: I can't stand it when anyone hates me. And I can't stand it when I hate anyone. I have been in so many situations where I have felt like someone doesn't like me for no reason. It's one of the hardest things for me to deal with. Mostly because I try my best to be nice to people without being fake. It is very rare that I will find someone I don't like. I think there's really only honestly one person that I truly dislike and I have very good reasons for it. Kali knows who I speak of. But really, if a person doesn't like me, I do everything in my power to gain their friendship.

And since Kali and Jayme both posted 8, I will too.

#8: My life and everything I do revolves around my senses. Mostly hearing, because without music, I would be completely lost. However, I was born partially blind, and I know without a doubt that the reason my vision was restored was for a very good reason. I find so much beauty in this world because of my sight. And I don't think that I would appreciate music as much if it weren't for my ability to visibly relate it to other things I have seen. Even if it's only to color. Without my ability to see and hear, I would be completely lost. And I wouldn't be the person God has made me to be.

And there are my 8 random facts. I hope you enjoyed it. :)


grandma jani said...

Sweetie, I don't even know if you check out late entries like this but, #1 I love you unconditionally and always will. #2 I happened to notice and like your lime green toe nails and finally #3 you can come home and snuggle next your mommy any day you want...So there!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I love her too & I'm a non-gay woman.LOL.She is a genius & she's beautiful.I wish I could sing that pretty.Love the latest Rilo Kiley album alot!

JoshHommeLover said...

I LOVE Jenny (not in that way.)That anonomous was me,btw. lol


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