Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 27- why are you doing this 30 day challenge

im just going to kick this post out of the way today
because it's another boring one.
and also because i want to share my yummy meal plan with you for the day.

why i'm doing this 30 day challenge?
i needed things to blog about
so i did my daily blog stalkage.
and decided to take the challenge to get me back into blogging!

it's worked great, as you can see.
and i've gained more blog followers!
yay for that. :)

onto my yummy meal plan.
so i quit on the 'no sugar' idea.
and moved to the 'less sugar' idea.
because i started craving sugar solely because i couldn't have it.
not because i was addicted.

so here's what i've prepared for my 6 meal plan:

vanilla & almond special k cereal

(my lunch is too early to take a snack before)
yummy chicken with caribbean jerk spices & garlic salt
mashed potatoes

snack #1
2 hardboiled eggs (love)
3 strawberries

snack #2
pistachos (my favorite)
banana (with nutella - yum!)

corn flake chicken
mashed potatoes

snack #3

disclaimer: these are all in small portions.



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