Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 22- what makes you different from everyone else

this is a horrible question.
i'm no different that everyone else.
because everyone else happens to be an individual person.
i'm friendly and energetic
just like any other person who's friendly and energetic.
i'm intuitive and thoughtful,
just like any other person who's intuitive and thoughtful.
i'm messy and disorganized,
just like any other person who's messy and disorganized.
and i'm passionate about life
just like any other person who's passionate about life.

so really, no one is any different from any other person.
i'm just who i am.
that's all there really is to it.

so when it rains it really pours.

like really.
right now i'm not making nearly enough money to sustain myself.
and that excludes:
- my dental loans (monthly payments of $250)
- my car (which SHOCKER, it broke down again - $500)
- debts to an incredibly generous, and anonymous individal ($500)
- car insurance ($600 up front for 6 months)

right now, i'm not making enough at all to pay off said debts.
so it looks like either kelli finds away to boost her photography business
link here (pleasepleaseplease)
or she's getting a night job at pizza hut.
goodbye social life with boyfriend for the next 6 months.




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