Thursday, February 17, 2011

day 23- something you crave for a lot

because of the point i'm at financially,
i can easily include day 23 with something else i felt inspired to share
what i crave the most,

more than anything

is financial peace.

when i say financial peace, i don't just mean,

-not living paycheck to paycheck
-being able to consistently make payments
(ie: credit card, dental, car and student loans)

i mean
being COMPLETELY free of debt
and never ever ever having any sort of debt

i will never let myself owe money.
and i will have an absolute minimum of 3-6 months worth of money for emergencies only
i will never own a car, that i don't actually own
(no thanks, car loans)
i will never have to deal with student loans
(who wants to be paying loans when you're already done with school?)
and i will never ever (even if i lose my job)
have to deal with the feeling of being scared and anxious about upcoming bills.

and the fantastic thing about all of this is?
it's 100% possible within this year to have ALL those things.

how, you ask?

through this book.

dave ramsey is so incredibly inspirational.
i suggest everyone read this book.
even if you already feel financially stable.
it gives me so much hope for my future
because i know that if i follow these steps

sometime, in the very near future,
i'll finally have financial peace.
thanks, dave


ColoradoCritics said...

I am in love with Dave Ramsey. We're doing his Financial Peace University right now and it's amazing. We even have cash envelopes (the plastic kind from Target's dollar spot).

Go you! I'm so excited you've found Dave's amazing book! Good luck.


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