Monday, February 14, 2011


when everything in my life feels hopeless
and nothing seems to be working out
the world seems to be ending
and i can't find any consolation
he is always there to make everything better.

i love valentine's day.
i've always loved it.

when i was little, i would anticipate valentine shopping so much
my mom wasn't super crafty, so we always bought ours
but i was a pro at making v-day boxes.

now that i'm older, even before i had a significant other,
i still love this day.
when i lived at home, my dad would buy marci and me
a card and flowers
i felt so lucky.
i still feel so lucky.
this year b gave me the most beautiful roses i've ever seen.

i just love love.
and the fact that love is in everything,
not just romantic relationships.
so even if you have no significant other,
remember how lucky you are to have someone.


Marci LeBaron Watson said...

sexy picture. melting pot? how was it? delish, to say the least?! i wanna see a snapshot of your roses. will was adorable and bought me a rose and a card. made my whole day. i made him a cheesecake, filet mignon, asparagus, and mom's famous parmesan rolls. since i dont talk to you on the phone everyday, this will have to do. love you. happy valentine my favorite twin in the entire universe!


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