Monday, August 13, 2007

The new deep.

So, I got the inspiration to write a...well, I don't really know what it is. A poem, I guess? Anyway, I wish it could even come remotely close to the feelings I have, but unfortunately, it amounts to about a quarter of it. Well, it's yours to read. Critique it as you will.

I seem to find myself falling deeper and deeper every single day. I keep trying to trick myself into believing that I'm not, and it seemed to be working. And then...something happens, and it all hits me again. I realize that it's not possible to stop myself from falling if I have no safety net to do so. I just keep going. Faster, faster, until I can't see the earth above or beneath me. sadly enough, I think it's hurting me more falling, than it would be to land. in fact, I wish more than anything to just land. Or that I hadn't begun to fall at all. But of course...we all know I don't really wish that. Falling was the happiest feeling i've felt in the longest time. But now, I feel numb. and the motions are the same. I want to put and end to it. But I've falled far too deep to go back now. I need a safety net. I need to land. Oh, if I could only land. If only the earth was so welcoming. Then I would find the happiness I feel I deserve.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, Kelli, that is the coolest post ever! You are such an awesome writer . . . you should work on some sort of novel! I see you becoming the next Stephenie Meyer!!!


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