Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So my internet is currently out of order. And it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I’m all moved into my apartment now. And I absolutely love it. It’s a completely different experience to live on the back side of Raintree. It’s a lot less social. And there are some girls that live next door that we know from the summer semester. We’ve all tried to be really hard to be nice to them, but they’re really actually fairly rude to us. So we call them the plastics, cause they’re really nice to any hot boys that show interest, but rude to everyone else. Haha. It’s mean…but it just kind of happened that way.

Anyways. Mylena, aka Michelle [her real name is Lena Michelle Phipps] but everyone calls her Michelle. Annie and I call her Mylena, moved in on Sunday finally! After 6 months of waiting for her to move back! Then Kristina and Erin moved in. They both have boyfriends, so Erin’s always gone with hers and Kristina’s always here with her. I absolutely love all my roommates. And though I technically am dating someone, I’m home a lot of the time with my beloved roommates. So Anna, Mylena, Annie and myself all get along perfectly. It’s so much fun. But I am forced to do my math homework at school because it’s impossible when you live with your best friends. Plus, my apartment’s A LOT cleaner and nicer. I absolutely love it.

I also got a job interview yesterday at Magelby’s and I’m hoping I get it. So I’d be working at both Bath & Body Works as well as Magelby’s. And then school too. I really need to be more constructive, and as soon as my car is in proper condition again, life will be much easier.

Oh, and I think my Euro trip is being postponed until the summer of 2009, and instead, Annie, Mylena, and I are flying to Hawaii and staying with Hali, Po Hei, and Leo. Which would be awesome. Aaand I won’t feel like a tourist!

Oh, I also really love my classes I have. They’re awesome. Especially my math class. I’m pretty excited about everything in my life right now. A little stressed, but things are working out well! But that’s my update for now. I’ll write more another day. Gooodbyyye, friends and family!



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