Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday awakening.

This morning promptly at 9 am, I was awoken by the carpet cleaners. They informed us that the bedrooms needed to be clean. If you've ever seen mine and Afton's bedroom, you would probably be fascinated by the fact that it only took us 5 minutes to clear the floor. [Yes, that did include some stuffing into the closets], however, I did, in fact, get to finally throwing a lot of things away for which I was very proud of myself :D I'm not too upset about the fact that I was awoken, mainly because I'm going to have to start getting up early anyway with my new job and such. P.s. I recently got a job at Bath & Body Works and I begin it on friday.

Anyways. The fact that my apartment is now covered in tubes and cords, means that Afton and I were forced into my twin sister, Marci's apartment. Which has left me in utter boredom. Therefore, I am going to write a brief introduction on myself.

First off. My full name is Kelli Renee LeBaron. And this is my most recent picture. I currently live in Provo, UT. Home for me, however, will always be Camas, WA. My parents just barely moved to Lehi, UT to be closer to us, so it's a lot harder to go home to visit, but I'm going to put forth the effort to do so. There are 9 people in my family. My mom, my dad, My oldest brother, Chris [Married with 6 boys], Mike [Married with 2 girls], Jordan [Married with a boy and a girl], Lindsay [Married with 2 boys], and Jeremy [22] and Marci [My twin sister.] We turn 20 on September 24th.

I have a lot of people I call my best friends, when really I just mean that they're my really close friends. Because best friends are people who you would do absolutely anything on this earth for. And as easy as it is to say that you'd do anything for a person, it's a lot harder when it actually gets to that point. My really close friends include: Alissa Lewis [Practically my sister]
, Annalisa Keddington [My roommate in the fall], Annelisa High [My current and fall roommate], Camille Evans [Camas, WA], Turner Lobey [Camas, WA], Madeline Hewitt, and Kali Harris.








Then, there are, of course, my best friends. Which include: Marci LeBaron [my twin sister], Afton Fullmer [my best friend of almost 3 years. She came out to college with me, and as of fall we will be split up for the first time in a year], Stephanie Fullmer [Afton's little sister], Jonathan McDonald [best friend as of 2 months ago].

Marci & Me

Afton & Me



There's a lot more about me that I have yet to say, but over time, I'll get to that. Anyways, I'm all out of time for now. So I'll write again soon! Goodbye, friends.



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