Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 10- songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

oh my goodness.
this should be a difficult one.

you see, i used to own an 80gb ipod,
and on that ipod, i had a playlist,
and that playlist contained all my favorite songs of all time.

but i lost that 80gb ipod,
and along with it, my playlist,
and with that, my list of all time favorite songs.

so now i can't very well remember all of my all time favorite song.
because i have a lot of them.
a. lot.

but i'll try to the best of my ability to achieve this goal.

also, i'll warn you now that i'm going to cheat, because i have a lot of songs i listen to for each mood.
so i'll be listing multiple songs for each category.
my apologies, creator of this blog challenge.

the radicals - you get what you give
hall & oats - you make my dreams come true
saves the day - can't stay the same (which is actually a sad song, ha)
ELO - mr. blue sky
third eye blind - semi charmed life

brand new - jesus christ
damien rice - cold water OR nine crimes
saosin - you're not alone
death cab for cutie - plans (the entire album)
stars - personal OR heart

my chemical romance - you know what they do to guys like us
radiohead - karma police
the bird & the bee - polite dance song
mungo jerry - in the summertime
temper trap - sweet disposition
mates of state - re-arrange us (the entire album)

kanye west - stronger
muse - hysteria
the rapture - no sex for ben
dashboard confessional - fever dreams
lil' mama (feat. chris brown) - shawty get loose (so random)

green day - brain stew 
jimmy eat world - takes my pain away
atreyu - lead sails paper anchor (the entire album)
the used - pretty handsome awkward

(i don't get truly mad very often)

so there you have it, my list.


Marci LeBaron Watson said...

you should make your blog private. apparently, sickos are sending you crap.


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