Monday, January 31, 2011

day 13- a letter to someone

dear anonymous,

i guess i'll never know why you did what you did.
it really sucks to put so much time and effort into something and not get anything back.
but you know, i guess that's life.
and about half of life is full of disappointment, so i'm not going to let it devour me.
i hope you find happiness at some point in your life.
one day you'll really deserve it.
i also hope that one day you'll realize what a great thing it was that you lost.
i cared about you, and supported you in all of your trials and downfalls.
i learned a lot from the addition and loss you were in my life,
so at least i have that to be thankful for.
so thanks.

sincerely, me.

on a happy note,
no more sugar for kel!
starting today i'm on a no sugar diet.
it's been pretty tricky so far.
and i have a strawberry fruit roll-up in my purse that's calling my name.
but i will not heed the call. i will persevere in this endeavor.
i'll end the challenge on march 1st, in hopes of completely kicking my sugar addiction.
because guess what.

(i have 15 cavities.)

ahhhh! i know, right? no more sugar for me.
no no no no no.



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