Monday, January 24, 2011

day 8- short term goals for this month and why

I don't like this challenge.

I'm horrible at posting goals because overtime, I remember that there are more I want to add.

So I'll just list the ones off the top of my head.

Because it is Monday, and I don't have a whole lot of thinking capacity right now.

Goal #1: Save save save. Over the next month, I want to get to a stable point financially where I'm not having to put only $10 of gas in my tank, and so that I don't have to depend on anyone else. Dependency is bad.

Goal #2: Keep my room and my car clean. (After I get them 100% clean, of course.) I've pretty much cleared my car out, and I spent all day Saturday deep cleaning my room. With the help of my amazing sister and her trusty vacuum. Which unfortunately pooped out before we could clean the corners due to the amount of nastyness that clogged it up. Now I just have a few more things to do before my room becomes the ideal college bedroom. Horrah!

Goal #3: TRY to only eat out 2 times a week at most. I eat out wayyy too much. I finally went grocery shopping, so now I have no excuse to not eat at home.

Goal #4: Try to go out of my way for other people more often. I've been pretty selfish lately because my life has been pretty crazy and stressful. But I'm getting to a point where I'm fairly stable and happy, and I want to focus those positive vibes on other people who are in more need of my help.

I can't think of anymore goals. I'll post more if I think of some.

happy monday.


Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Wow. Very impressive goals, Kell! I'm especially impressed that you actually went grocery shopping! :)


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