Tuesday, January 25, 2011

day 9- something you're proud of in the past few days

Something I'm proud of?

Well, gee.

I'd easily have to say that was cleaning my room.

Or, almost anyway.

I've been prolonging it since I've moved to my apartment

mostly because I have a lot of boxes and no space for them.

so I was fiiiinally able to get my room organized

boxes included.
yay me.

On a random note, I thought of an additional random fact about myself.

drumroll, please.......

I hate gluten! I've always hated bread (unless it's homemade) and flour tortillas. I also don't much care for cake. But I could never really figure out why, until the other day when I was ordering enchiladas and I asked if it was corn or flour. He said corn, so I ordered them. Then he said, "someone doesn't like gluten!" and then I realized that that's what it is! I dislike gluten. So now I can bake without gluten and actually enjoy cakes or cookies, or whatever it is I'm cooking that's gluten free. I know, I'm so weird.


whit said...

cleaning is always so fulfilling. i love it.
does gluten have a flavor?

Kelli LeBaron said...

i don't think gluten has a flavor. it's just a protein found in wheat, and i'm not a big wheat fan...

then again, it's a new self discovery, so it may just be that i dislike wheat in general..

ha. i guess i should figure that out first. but apparently the gluten is what adds cohesivity to dough.


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