Monday, January 10, 2011


I miss school. Every measly inconvenient thing about it.
I want to go back so badly that it sometimes hurts.
I haven't been back to school in about 3 years.
I should be graduated by now.
But no.
I'm not.

My twin sister, Marci, is my absolute role model. Growing up, I basically did the majority of her assignments. She's doesn't pick things up as quickly as I do, but she's so much more determined than I am, and she's changed a lot since high school. She's married and she's still 100% dedicated to finishing school and getting a nursing degree. She never quits. She's taken multiple classes several times, and the more she takes the class, the more determined she is to do better. I'm not naturally like that. Once I suck at something, I give up. That's what happened when I was enrolled in school.
I've tricked myself into thinking that I'm in a field of study that doesn't require schooling. But that's just plain silly. Everyone requires schooling. Being out of school for so long literally makes me feel like my brain is leaking knowledge. I've been reading a lot lately because there's not much else to do at my job, and I remember every time I pick up my book, that I adore English. If I could go back to school just to take English oriented classes, I would.
It's because of this epiphany, that I decided that I'm going to get back into school. After I pay off all the debt on my teeth. (lots-o-root canals.) I'm hoping that A: my tax cut's a big one. and B: that when and if I get married, I'll be able to get a pell grant.
Wish me luck in my endeavor.


Marci LeBaron Watson said...

You know, twin, I am where I am today because of you. I wouldn't be in college or even graduated high school if it hadn't been for your help. Thanks for your beautifully written post, Kell. I love you!

Ps. Good luck, (I know if I can get through college, you can too!)


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